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The Boomerang Effect of God

(Philippians 2-1/11) If there be therefore any consolation in Christ, if any comfort of love, if any fellowship of the Spirit, if any bowels and mercies, Fulfil ye my joy, that ye be likeminded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind. Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves. Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others.

Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus: Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God: But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men: And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.

Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name: That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.//

If we have begun this last chapter on the reading of His Word, it is good so that all the Glory comes back to Him.

Since the "fall", that of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, God has not ceased to manifest Himself to men, through His wonders and miracles to all generations of the earth. We can all be spectators, if only through nature in general. The intelligent Man, the superior Man, at least the one who does not know much about it, is easily explained by many miracles today, as I did myself in the past. If he wanted to recognize it, the man would nevertheless realize the narrowness of his intellectual level by looking a little around him. He would then perceive that his evolution still does not allow him to know all the animal species living on this earth.

Without even to pick up so far, just look at the level of the human being. If we can barely discover today what has been in us for thousands of years, how would we be able to create it? We look like car manufacturers who can barely dismantle their vehicle, put together again with difficulty, who would know possibly that it is necessary to bring it a particular type of fuel to make it work, but which would not know how to conceive of it, nor build it. It would be the same men, however, who would shamelessly sell it to you, saying that they would do everything themselves, while they would buy it from the dealer next door.

It suffices besides to remark, that the majority of these great "scientists" who usually hover in the highest circles, do not even know how to change a wheel of their own vehicle. We must go to the obvious, and recognize how limited human beings can be, but also how foolish and proud it is to think we are the only master on board.

They are not always these beings, however, with an remarkable intelligence and of which I certainly do not reach the tenth of knowledge, who are the most relentless to denigrate the very existence of God. The majority of them remains effectively aware of their limits and sees more clearly "the hand of the LORD". No, they are usually fools of the kind I had belonged to, who dispute the existence and supremacy of God.

They act as supporters of a football team and then say, "ONE" won, "ONE" now goes to the moon, "ONE" knows the chromosomes, ONE, ONE, ONE, ALWAYS: ONE! But they, what do they know how to do?

(Job 38-1/4) And Jehovah answered Job out of the whirlwind and said,

Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge?

Gird up now thy loins like a man; and I will demand of thee, and inform thou me.

Where wast thou when I founded the earth? Declare, if thou hast understanding.//

It was necessary for me that I had been put at the foot of a wall of this kind, to become aware of my nonsense, but God in His Love did not held me against for all that. On the contrary, He did for me as for each of those who take a step towards Him. He made ninety-nine steps toward me.

So that night, when He baptized me from His Spirit, how much joy He filled me with that immense happiness that I had never known before! A few days later, He also showed me men and women living, with the surprise that it brought me then, to no longer perceive this irresistible attraction of women; but if He had stopped there, what would I have seen?

Three weeks after the first meeting of the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship where we had gone, as I told you in chapter six, we went back to a second meeting. Marie-Claude, whom I had seen for more than a year making desperate efforts to quit smoking, as we talked about on page 107, came forward that day to give her life to Jesus, and was then immediately baptized from the Holy Spirit. As it is told us about Paul and Barnabas at Iconium, in the Acts of the Apostles, in chapter 14-3: the Lord, which gave testimony unto the word of his grace, and granted signs and wonders to be done by their hands.//

On that day, the acts of the Apostles were not finished. However, it was no longer Paul and Barnabas, but the Lord Jesus was always the same. The people who received us, people like you and me, because we had knew them better subsequently, pray for her so that, I quote: "All her ills go away"; And what happened?

It was this time a dinner, from which we came back rather late, but full of enthusiasm and enjoyment. In this surprising happiness, we remained another hour or two to chat with Nathalie and Dominique, the ones I had taken for almost witches. We feasted on these wonderful things that we discovered together and slept very little, so much our desires for discoveries were great. To the small group that we formed, two other Christians had come to join and our joy was complete. During this late evening, mechanically twice, Marie-Claude took a cigarette, but as soon as lit them that she was immediately disgusted. Here she said to herself each time without paying too much attention, I have smoked too much!

The next day to the lunch, we met again for a meal and spent the rest of the day together. Of course we talked only of the one subject that was really important to us: the Work of God. Twice again Marie-Claude lit a cigarette, and twice the same disgust came back to her. Just like the day before, she not be careful to it and said nothing to anyone. Focused on the conversation as we were, she did not try to elucidate this little mystery.

It was only on Monday, returning to her work at the hospital, that she was going become fully aware that this disgust was not related to a natural origin. At the first coffee break of six and a half hours, accustomed to seeing her smoking like a firefighter, her colleagues offered her a cigarette that she refused. There it was too big! They began to be ironic by asking her the traditional question of "Why this new whim"? Taken by surprise, because having not yet become aware of the situation, it is, she replied: "Through the operation of the Holy Spirit". She had certainly answered to them as a joke, although it was more than true. Many giggled naturally.

In the days which followed, by two or three times at the most, she was slightly tempted to take back one, without the constraint nevertheless being so strong, that she was obliged to yield to it.

To understand what had happened, we must look at the prayer that these people had made and that God had blessed. The spoken words demanded that all her illnesses go away, which had been granted, as we have seen afterwards. Given that the smoking was a source of illness for her, she had left with these diseases. This had of course occurred to the extent that she herself desired beforehand, God never going in her blessings against the will of the person. He had thus taken off to her in an instant, and without her being deprived of it, that of which she had been unable to separate for more than a year, which she was daily tried to do by her own obstinacy.

We were certainly was going from surprise to surprise, but it was only a beginning, because her health really improved quickly. We were talking about it at the end of the first part, and despite what it had suffered for several years, her general condition remained very mediocre until this day improved this time really. I can assure you that we noticed it to our great joy.

This is already that, the Boomerang Effect, she had taken a step towards God, He had made ninety-nine towards her.

Without mentioning it, we have often spoken of this Boomerang Effect, in the different passages where God reveals and the thing is accomplished. It would certainly be a long time to share all the good things of this kind that we lived sometimes individually, sometimes as a couple, sometimes with the family. It was probably not always in this kind of spectacular miracle for an outside spectator, because it was often at the very level of questioning. I have often spoken to you about it in different chapters, but perhaps you have not really realized how much benefit it has brought us progressively. I do not always perceive it immediately either and do not perceive everything yet I hope, because God wants to give us far beyond what we can imagine. However, I still had always to wait to see the fruits of my victory over the temptation of sin in my own life, to realize that what I had just experienced went far beyond a simple theory, a simple Christian philosophy that I had to respect in order to be saved. The freedom of the soul already on this earth cannot be measured, but it is fundamental to enter into the works that God has prepared in advance for us. Many believe they are free and are not, but we will not return to this subject. Already in prayer, when we see the Lord answering from day to day, in what may seem small things, we see there the Boomerang Effect. What is more beautiful indeed than to feel loved, surrounded and led in the smallest detail of our life, to make us victorious of a futility that sometimes was hitherto insurmountable and produced so much damage in various reactions. If we do not put into practice our discernment to recognize the voice of God in the small details, not trusting Him for small things on a human scale, how can we trust Him in the big ones, the ones that our life can depend? In the little things, through which we will experience the spirit that wants to deceive us or the Holy Spirit who wants to lead us into victory, we can admire the hand of God, which leads us to make a difference by already miraculous results. to our eyes. Our faith then grows, without us actually realizing it, in view of the day when greater things will ask us for a greater act of faith. Do not believe, however, that on the pretext that the Lord once asked you to undertake a great thing in your eyes, this faith will inevitably lead you to perform another, disproportionate to human sight. The situations, that require us the most faith, are not necessarily the big personal companies in which we take a lot of financial risks for example. These risks accepted to fulfill God's will, with His help, are certainly honorable, but one must remain conscious however, that it is always more difficult to fight against a bad little carnal breach on our part, than to accomplish Great feats before God and in front of men. These are the kind of "small things" that Jesus is talking about, saying: If you had faith as big as a mustard seed, you would say to this mountain get away from there and it would throw itself into the sea. The mountains of our misunderstandings are transported wheelbarrow by wheelbarrow, from our soul to the nothingness to which the enemy is devoted. It is quite obvious that our faith grows as the wheelbarrows pass, because the height of the rock face, to come tumbling down, grows quickly becoming unassailable without to be crushed. They do not often appear in the eyes of external spectators as worthy merits, quite the contrary, but it is from these small wheelbarrows that God makes us the most participative to His glory, and by them that He will tell us one day "come near Me, my beloved son".

It is to this permanent proximity that we must aspire, not to be taught of God only in the great turnings points of our life. So we have to ask ourselves the question, as parents or as future parents, if we would find it normal for our children come to seek advice us once every two or three years, when they have to go from kindergarten to grade school and so on, while they come for some to kiss us morning and evening. For other more attentive children they would come and submit all their daily worries to us with tears and tremors, but without waiting for our answer, they would leave in the most obvious pitfalls. We would prefer in general a greater proximity that would allow them to avoid them many pitfalls during their youth, but also a much greater complicity and similarity of mind in adulthood.

How could we imagine that we are better than God, that since our arrival on earth, He is the one who will say to us: "You will pass your baccalaureate at eighteen if not, watch out", but that will never lead us again on our daily path to achieve it?

To approach to God in prayers recited on our knees, at the foot of our bed, once or twice a day, is certainly good, but far from sufficient. This kind of prayer is obviously better than nothing, but must not hide our true concern for harmony with God. I speak so much of the type of prayer, as of the position in which it is made, because the important thing in the eyes of God, who lives in us, is not necessarily our physical position, but rather that of our heart. Just as our parents let us go step by step towards our adult life, God wants to renew us in order to bring us to a permanent communion with Him, from Him in us, so that we are no longer victims of our animal training and that we already accomplished on earth all His will.

From a stage in which He has led us by the voice of his Spirit and his Word, He will then give us to understand His will on the one hand by His voice, on the other hand by our heart and by His Word. Then comes an additional part in our heart and to perceive peace in us, to gradually arrive one day to this permanent presence or almost, of His Spirit in us and to recognize His will as coming from ourselves, but coming from Him perfectly in us. It is in this way that He wants to lead us to discover Him, to make us perceive a little more of His heart in us each day, in the peace and fullness of our soul. This is that, the Boomerang Effect, but for this it is necessary a beginning for each one.

In this beginning, God had therefore placed with Marie-Claude and I, a friend of Nathalie and Dominique, a long-time Christian, Fernand. We had then only a few weeks of Christian life and were happy to receive his advice, having not yet received the conviction to attach ourselves definitively to a local assembly. This friend had therefore well made us perceive the difference between a dead prayer that we send as a bottle to the sea and dialogue in prayer with a living and concrete God. As far as I am concerned, having always been a little excessive in all things, and having fallen from so high because of all my past disbeliefs, I had begun to address the Holy Spirit at any time in any place and in any circumstance and perhaps even more. Around these moments, feeling that I had to choose between the Bible and my past readings, I undertook to sort the books that we had. As you can imagine by my old attitudes, they were not all to the Glory of God. For each of them, very seriously I tried however to make my own opinion and then asked for confirmation to the Holy Spirit of God. It was not a game, a way to temp God to oblige Him to answer me. It was quite the opposite, an act of purification of our house in a balanced way, so as not to act on a simple human advice. It would have been only a mere religiosity on my part, or even a superstition if I had done it in fear of what people say. Before each of these books, I found myself addressing God, saying, "Lord! This one is bad or that one is good! Isn't it? And I perceived the approval of the Holy Spirit. It happened to me, however, for a few others, something which began it raises questions to me seriously! They seemed so bad to me, that I was going to put them on the pile of those to be burned, not daring to even put the question to God: "Lord, that one, I do not even look at what it treats, it is bad!" And unlike other times, I perceived: "No!" And I repeat: "Lord, it is bad?" "No!"

To each of them I read a few pages and began again. Many of those books that seemed so horribly bad to me because of the way I looked at them were not bad in themselves before God because they dealt with the Jewish persecution. On the contrary, the Lord made me understand that they were still far from the sad reality and all the horrors that had gone on in this field.

Of course, I shorten many details, to arrive at the one with which the Lord surprised me the most. It was a small children's book of green series, blue or pink, whatever. I was going to pose it without being careful on the pile of good ones, while addressing myself to Jesus, saying to Him: "Lord! This one: It's good! Almost instantly the Holy Spirit replied to me, "No!" I insisted, thinking it was my wandering imagination, but "No"! I began to read it every five pages, and presented myself again before God: "No!" I read it every four pages, then every three pages, then every two pages.

I had already spent a lot more time than if I had read it in full, and although the day was brought forward, my sorting had not progressed much for a long time, but I still found nothing to complain about this famous little book. I began to believe that I was losing me’s mind, that it was absolutely not the Holy Spirit speaking to me. However, I did not want to stick to a vague impression, refusing me as much to disobedience as to superstition. The time passed and really began to hurry me, a little disenchanted as I no longer believed, but always in this search for the truth, I emphasize it voluntarily because it is I think fundamental, I then took the book between the two hands and say: Lord! I can't take it anymore; I can't spend the short time I have left on this one book. I surrender, my Lord! You make me open it to the page you consider to be bad and I want to immediately look at the bad part. "Then I'll know it's you."

Placing then my trust in God, I opened the book. I did not have to search because three lines immediately drawn me attention. On these three lines, the origin of the main character was written, the hero of this entire book. It was, written black on white, the son of Merlin the enchanter, the son of Satan. I fell, my arms dangling. I had spent a total of certainly more than two hours searching in all directions, and there in a few seconds, God had confirmed to me what he had been telling me all along.

Could I believe that it was the enemy who was talking to me, him who is so attentive to us keeping everything that retains us to him? Anything that can still tie us a little bit to his world, whoever it is?

No ! This is still that, the Boomerang Effect, at least a small part, a beginning, because any journey, however long, always starts with a first step. From this first step, we must see the hand of God in the accomplishment of our actions, if not how will we know afterwards, that we have gone in the right direction? Then we grope indefinitely like blind people, carried away by the wind, one day on one side, the next on the other, not knowing how to discern any doctrine of man with the precepts of God. Nothing, absolutely nothing can replace the communion with God. He does not want to deprive us of Him, so let us not repel Him by acting on our own. Let us pray at any time, in any place, in any circumstance and to Him return all the Glory.

There is another part of this Boomerang Effect, that Marie-Claude and I, but also Sabine and Sebastian our two youngest children, we live through our eighteen years together and fifteen of whom we are married. If I mention them both more than the other three, who are just as much our children, it is because since this time, we have benefited from their prayer. I related you on page 96, the circumstances of our encounter, however voluntarily omitting some small details, which you will understand more easily now.

The time was approaching this masked ball, my company was going into activity and the disagreement reigned in my couple. At the same time, Marie-Claude and her children had just lived very, very difficult circumstances. She was sole with her three children, themselves a little traumatized by all their past torments.

Sabine and Sebastian, who were respectively eight and six and a half years old, were all the more so since their young age made them fragile. The trauma was recent and they lived with very difficulties, it goes without saying. Their hearts were in much greater distress than their external attitudes allowed perceiving it, especially since a rogue teacher, had particularly broken down the "little Nono: Sebastian".

So we had get acquainted Marie-Claude and me that night at this masked ball and two weeks had already passed, when I decided to go back to that house whose I had seen the outside light on. Marie-Claude had already long forgotten this evening and having met Gilles and Catherine who always teased her about a possible companion, she had answered them spontaneously, "it is not tomorrow the day before a man will cross the threshold of my house ". This said to locate the state of mind of Marie-Claude as well as for the little anecdote; it was not the next day the day before, but well on the very day.

Let us pass this little amusing detail, which clearly emphasize the intentions of Marie-Claude at this time, but above all the sovereignty of God, for what was to follow.

You probably have not forgotten my visit the next day, but especially: OH! Mostly ! The little tip of the nose that night, which had advanced in the opening of the door! This little radiant little face, with a mischievous smile that we had not understood then the joy! This little darling of eight, whose happiness was so much fun to see and whose childish sincerity did not conceal anything! We were like stopped short in front of this wonderful smile, when the door had closed slowly, as softly as it had opened, but also without any words having come to disturb the charm of his little happy heart.

In the morning, this happiness had given way to an exuberant joy, songs, the clapping of hands of these two little ones with a heart full of happiness, Sabine to whom had joined Sebastian. They sang all over the house, and even outside to whoever wanted to hear them: "Mommy is in love", "Mommy is in love"!

Two years had passed since that happy time of our encounter and we had experienced all the difficulties I have already told you, both about the paranormal and the health of Marie-Claude. We had especially since a few weeks, made both the personal meeting of Jesus in our hearts. It was only then that we were going to know the end of the story in relation to all their joy.

I have already told you to a slight extent about prayer, for Marie-Claude had received from her grandmother this teaching of talking to Jesus, whom she had secretly passed on to her children. Every evening or so, she did it herself and also led her children to make a short prayer addressed to Jesus, but in the sincerity of their little hearts. This is how on the evening of this ball, after the departure of their mother, in the same sincerity as each day, they went to make their daily prayers before entering their cozy bed.

How happy were they that their mommy was finally distracted, but at the same time, how sad and lonely they felt to have no daddy anymore? So even hiding from Christophe who kept them, on the evening of this Saturday, February 8, 1998, alone in the darkness of their room, they knelt down, turned towards the window, and asked Jesus to: "Find them a new one Daddy!" What more can one add? ... There is no chance before God!

You certainly understand much better now, the joy they experienced both, the day after my first visit. Sabine's joy when, only two weeks after the masked ball on the evening of February 24, she opened the door and saw me sitting next to her mom. Their mom who they loved so much and whom they even thought more unhappy, than she really was of this new solitude.

When we came to God on the night when Marie-Claude was delivered from smoking, the question was put to us by the people who prayed for her, whether we would accept to go back to our ex-spouses, in the event that God we would ask. We were not married and for my part, not even divorced. We were admittedly and officially declared living in union since two years and it was a wise precaution to ask this question, it seems to me. In all sincerity and in all honesty before God, we of course accepted, provided, however, that the Lord shows us Himself. In the expectation that the Lord will show us His will, for three weeks we did not change our family life and remained in abstinence from one another, but also the common and sincere prayer.

Three weeks later, on a Saturday morning, if I remember correctly, the Lord began to speak to us through His word, but also through the response to this prayer of Sabine and Sebastian. We understood then that it was He who had united us, without us knowing it. The heart of God had been moved by the prayer of these two little ones, whom He had seen turned towards the window, asking Him to find them a new daddy.

That day, we were then convinced that we had been united by the will of God. I believe in the very hour of our real growing awareness, without ceremony, sitting in our bed, we declared ourselves husband and wife before God and we promised each other marriage at once before God and before men. For the past eighteen years, we are therefore to the advantage from this prayer, and every day of our life we live a part of this Boomerang effect of God.

If God allowed me to separate from my ex-wife, would that mean , however, that He was for divorce? Certainly not, and we have already spoken of it, for God is too much attentive to the good of everyone to allow it in all circumstances. However, He knows everything and when two human beings have gone too far, that they have stubbornly misguided their way and that the separation is consumed, then even if the Lord rejects sin, He rejects neither of the both sinners. If he has let to them the live, it is in order to give them an additional chance of repentance; to each one to seize it.

God did not stop there, however, in the fulfillment of the prayer of these two little ones, because knowing our heart better than we did, He knew that He would be able to bless them beyond their hopes, by not only giving them a new dad, but two dads who were going each other to love them as much as the other.

At the beginning of our common life, we have reasoned as many would have done in the same circumstances, we began to want to protect Sabine and Sebastian from their own dad, so that they could detach themselves of him. Given their age, it was obviously not difficult to lead them to not honor their father. I previously mentioned how the nonsense of such an attitude was great, but at the beginning of our conversion, and in the expectation that we were getting firm in His Word, God allowed a time for things to remain at this level. It was in the course of the year 89, that we received from the Lord precise biblical passages, which made us to question about it. A part of our proximate entourage advised against it, as something too difficult for children, but just like we plunged into the water, in the confidence we had begun to give to God when He spoke to us, we took the necessary steps to visit this imprisoned dad. The first visit was very difficult because the place was very unpleasant, but very quickly we saw the hand of God help us and especially honor the faith and the constancy of these two children. Their dad was transferred to closer and better organized centers. His problems settled faster than expected and, unimaginable thing a few years earlier, as soon as he was released from prison, he did us the honor of his presence at the wedding of our son Christophe. Something unimaginable in the conditions of non-respect of the word of God, we have relations that are certainly episodic, but courteous and the children are happy.

This is still the Boomerang Effect of God, for His Word never comes back to Him without having borne fruit in the right sense, if we put it into practice in His will. The reciprocal is true beyond His will, but much less pleasant to live, for the Word of God is a double-edged sword. It bears its fruit in the sense of blessing as that of the curse if we do not apply it. This is why we all live the Word of God without even to become aware of it. Whoever knows what he must do to honor the Word of God and does not do so, he exposes himself to the hardening of his heart, but also to many difficulties.

God is faithful and good, eager to bring us the best for us, if we come to him and are ready to put his word into effect according to His Spirit. We often say it, but nevertheless, we live it with many difficulties sometimes. We can, however, be assured of His fidelity, because even if He lets us live our mistakes, He does not abandon us for all that. Thus, through two visions, the Lord made me realize that during all the years I had turned his back on Him, He had not abandoned me, but had instead kept me against come hell or high water.

The first one was given to me several months after my conversion, while I was praying. I suddenly saw myself as a child sitting on this bench, almost under the pulpit, where I sat almost every Sunday in the church of my village. I was dressed in the fashion of that time, with these kinds of big Bermuda shorts, and I immediately said to myself: "Well, that's me!" I should not be more than nine or ten years old.

Then the Lord spoke to me about it, and made me understand that it was on that day that I had truly advanced to Him with a sincere heart and not the day of which I spoke to you. I remember humanly from this period and reminds me how much actually around that time I was "eager for God". This language towards God is a little simple, but I cannot express myself in any other way, for I remember how much I was at that time, happy to turn to Him.

In the second vision, I was a little older, ten, eleven years old and humanly, I remember very well what happened to me that day. I had gone on foot to get a packet of tobacco for dad and as I passed a particular spot near the presbytery, I see again the place very well; I knew, "that I would never have anything to fear». Exactly as three weeks before my baptism in the Holy Spirit, I knew that such day, "something was going to happen to me that would upset my life," I knew at that time that I would never have anything to fear!

I did however a lot, but a lot of mistakes. God did not reject me. He certainly allowed me to fall very low, but never, never did He withdraw His promise. And I, big simpleton, I thought myself superior and boasted to who wanted to hear me that I was not afraid of death, that it did not matter to me to die at forty, because I would have done more as many as eighty, as I told you on page 86.

This assurance in the face of death came to me precisely from this promise of God, which on the one hand I had completely forgotten and on the other hand, I had not known to understand as coming to me from God at that time! Poor of me, I took the opportunity to compare my strength against the weak persons, who turned to what they called God for fear of death and their fear of the unknown. How ungrateful were I to him who put this assurance in my heart? Excuse me, Lord!

If I had wanted to, I could however have looked into my heart a witness lit, because during all these years that I was looking for, sought again and again this new partner, the one that would fill my heart with love, who do you believe in fact, whom I was looking for, if not God Himself? That place that was empty in my heart and that no woman could fill; what was her name? Pascal said that there is in every man's heart a place called God. And I was looking for a woman I was going to love. I was looking for one that would answer all my bad aspirations. When I found her, however, she answered only to the good, but I was happy, because I think that from this February 24, 1986, I knew that it was she whom I had always sought. The one through whom, God was going to bring me back to Him. May God be blessed, for his ways are impenetrable!

As for that is possible to fill our hearts with so great a love, than we will one day be able to love our enemies, do we really believe it?

I do not speak from time to time, to "score points", to believe itself better than our neighbors; or other bad reasons. No, I'm talking about LOVING, just Love quite simply. Have compassion for them even more than for others sometimes.

Some years ago, the Lord gave me an experience that has counted a lot in my spiritual life. It remains, moreover, as a point of reference with regard to this Word of God which we have already read, and which you may possibly resume in (Matthew 5 38/48) through which Jesus speaks to us and tells us in verse 44: But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;//

Out of respect for the person for whom we keep a great friendship Marie-Claude and me, I will keep to you the background.

We were very close to a couple with whom we easily exchanged some spiritual confidences at that time. It seemed to me that everything could be said from the moment that the thing came from God, but it was without counting on certain human errors, which sometimes bring many difficulties. In this we could open a debate about the story of Joseph, son of Jacob, who was sold by his brothers after revealing his dream to them (cf. Genesis 37-46).

Following a revelation from God that I had the clumsiness of entrusting to the husband, whereas I had not been invited to do by the Lord, his wife began to fight me suddenly in such a way that from the first time I was left on the "sidelines". Barely a few days after this confidence, one morning, my work just started in the morning, I received from her so staggering and outrageous remarks, that throughout my day I had only one hurry, that of finding respite by opening of my heart with tears and sobs before God, so deeply had her words hurt me. During that same night, I was seized with headaches of unbearable violence, which awoke me abnormally. As usual, however, I tried to fight spiritually, and the more I persevered in this direction, the more I saw the time when my head was going to explode.

After a while, I capitulated to this fight to find peace and relief, saying Lord, I let myself be carried by You, I cannot do anything. I got up, took some pills, and went back to bed. The next morning, in my prayer, the Lord showed me that I had then behaved like those western characters who already dead, riddled with bullets and lying on the ground, but keeping a breath of life, trying to rush on their enemies, while they cannot even move the little finger.

The months passed and this couple, but especially the woman, continued to slander me through her suspicions and often even through accusations all that is more daring and lies. I tried every time to justify myself against all these aggressions, but the more the time progressed, the more she got the better of me, although I always remained in a complete truth. I went from astonishment in amazement of the lack of discernment of my entourage, but nobody saw anything, sometimes not even Marie-Claude. We often asked the question together before God, how to be victorious of this situation and even if Jesus often brought me back through Marie-Claude in the passage we just read, to ask for the blessing on this couple who was not even my enemy, I can assure you that for my part, I did not understand it. It seemed to me impossible to ask God blessings for them, considering that the result of this grace would lead them to interpret their behavior as good before God. It seemed to me that every blessing of God would necessarily strengthen them in their error towards me. It was, of course, confusing some material benefits, which we can sometimes rightly consider, as blessings, and the real blessing of God, which is first spiritual, leading to eternal life.

More than a year after the first event that had affected me so hard, one evening when we were both praying in our room, God brought to my heart such compassion for this woman that I lacked air and shed all the tears of my body. We were praying to the Lord about her, but I did not expect it to be so strong. It certainly lasted a good ten minutes, during which I prayed, prayed, prayed in tongues, until the Lord gave me a spiritual view of the impact of the fight I was waging for her. At that moment, as in a colored film, I saw a Spartan warrior, apparently horrified coming out of her house, who rushed to run away like an arrow and save oneself. He had not, however, gone fifty meters at a vertiginous speed, that he was taken from behind, under the armpits by an angel who immobilized him with force, while another angel, warrior like the first, but holding a sword in hand, quickly landed in front of him and immediately began to pierce him with his weapon.

That the sensitive souls reassure themselves, the vision was not at all impressive, because spiritually the blood does not exist. The more I prayed, the more the blows multiplied and the more this warrior diminished, until finally reaching a height of only a few centimeters. The angel standing in front of him and piercing him, took him on the point of his sword, and sent him flying to several hundred yards.

My prayer and my tears stopped as quickly as they had come, and even though I knew I had done the good fight, I could not imagine any real consequence. The result did not wait however. This woman, who had hitherto always got the better of me, found herself somewhat taken in fault the next day and in the days that followed, thanks to her great humility, asked me pardon publicly. This is still the Boomerang Effect.

If I spoke about this woman it is obviously not to show any reproach towards her, but on the contrary to show how weak we can be despite our Christian sincerity, because if there is one thing I cannot to doubt is her sincerity, she who had then shown more humility than I perhaps have ever had myself. No matter what the enemy used to torture her through this "Spartan", this unclean spirit. After this fight, the Lord made me understand that in these moments of torture, what I had endured that day when I was on the ground more dead than alive, with the enormous difficulty to bear this suffering only once, she lived it daily, in the perpetual torment of her soul, whenever she found herself in circumstances judged by her to be difficult. Then: I understood that it was conceivable to love his enemies. Those we say are our enemies are much more tormented than us, so their bubble of protection, this space from which a person will feel or not assaulted if a stranger approaches her, will be great for these people. Watch how a docile and cuddly cat behaves, take it in your arms and stroke it, it will purr. It will be enough that someone passes behind you and pulls his tail, for that it claws you, trying to escape. Who will you accuse then, the cat purring or the teaser?

We all have a common enemy, so do not deceive us of opponent, let's fight the good fight, do not hit on those who attack us, they are the first unfortunates. Then, no doubt, we will be able to live in peace; no doubt there will be no more war, and we will share our meal with the lions, but if we continue to dominate one over the other, to want to prove our superiority, what game are we leading?

What we must want to see is the true Boomerang Effect of God, the very one that transforms our hearts. For whenever the part of our sin is rejected away from us, the Lord sends us back that purified, sanctified and beautiful part in His eyes, but wonderful to ours. No newspaper will speak of this wonder to relate these miracles, but it is indeed to the very one that we must be attached, in order to be able to say to God and to feel in the depths of our heart what Job says one day to the LORD: (Job 42-5) I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear: but now mine eye seeth thee.//

Believe me when the eye sees is that the heart has seen before. What no rule, no law, no teaching can bring to life, the Love of God in the deepest of each one transforms a life of poverty into wealth, a life of failure into victory, a life of rivalry in compassion, a life of combat in peace, a life of hatred in Love.

Let's apply these two commandments in order and we will be happy: (Mark 12-29/31): And Jesus answered him, The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord: And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment. And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.// Amen!

So, if you are asked tomorrow, "Tell me, the Boomerang Effect, what is it? I hope you will say, like me, "Ah, you know, you have to live it, but how to describe it? It is to discover the Joy of the impossible joy, the Peace of the impossible peace, the Love of the impossible love! "God bless you all! AMEN!

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