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Continuation of chapter 13

Concretely !

Continuation of phase 4 : Living in the Cloud of God

Let us not be trapped, even by beautiful prayers that we could do ourselves, but without sincerity of heart, as something intellectually understood but not lived of heart. If we recognize that the attitude of our heart does not correspond to the Word of God, let us know to remain true to recognize that the interior of our heart is not sufficiently purified, and that bad "advisers" remain. If we do not do so, do these words that we have spoken will not become themselves a judgment against ourselves? Since we do not do what we rightly acknowledge!

I do not mean to say that it is bad or hypocritical to make beautiful prayers led by the Spirit of God; provided that they may serve us to realize the difference of truth between the truth of God and ours.

The difficulty for the sincere person is usually to differentiate between what is itself, its soul, and the unclean spirits that still guide it, rather than the Holy Spirit. Often it will assimilate itself with these unclean spirits, by its own bad behavior, condemning itself or at other times, claiming the legitimacy any particular of some bad action considered legitimate in relation to the given context.

Once again, the Holy Spirit is there to guide us along this path, to discover our own evil "counselors", facing the Word of God and our true behavior. In this examination of conscience, which may be, I repeat, quite different from that which we have taken as a point of reference, if we can see with truth certain gaps in ourselves in relation to the Word of God, we shall nevertheless observe that we do not know the way to become the victor of this dimension, and that only the "Good Counselor" can lead our soul to sincere and just behavior.

Don't you think that in the example of the path of forest all traced in front of us, if we were lost, exhausted, dying of hunger and thirst, completely discouraged, not knowing where to go and a person arrives, bringing us drinking, and eating, and bringing us into a haven of peace, would we not have the heart filled with joy?

It is thus that we must look at the work of Jesus on the Cross and let ourselves be led by Him in this dimension. He loves us all with the same love, and it is not because we ask Him to bless such-and-such, that himself cannot or does not want bless us ourselves. How could we, besides, make good prayers for others, to which our soul fully participates, if it is not really led by God? So it is for us that we must pray first, so that our motives become pure and conform to the Law of God without excluding anyone. We exclude ourselves in fact easily, pretending to believe that for ourselves we do not have a real need of it, or because we are good, or because we are too ugly for God deigns to turn one's gaze on us. This is still another way we have to give reason to Satan, for the promise of God is for each one of us who humbly accept His help. (John 14-23). Jesus answered and said to him, If any one love me, he will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our abode with him.//

For what reason do you believe that Jesus is making from our heart His abode, if not to establish with us the dialogue that will lead us perpetually?

We have tackled on this subject before, for to the one who is baptized with the Spirit, prayer does not remain a monologue recited before God or rosaries of litanies, but quite a dialogue between the Holy Spirit and the person itself. It is true that the Holy Spirit speaks in an individual way to each according to a personified perception, by a gentle and slight murmur. Let us therefore be listening to Him at any time, while remaining vigilant to experience the Spirit or the spirit whom guides us. The Holy Spirit cannot be offended by being put to the test of Jesus Christ, who shed His blood for the forgiveness of our sins, quite the contrary. This only proves our good faith in wanting to follow Him, and He alone.

There are some who do not like it at all, but then, not at all. Let us reject these in the name of Jesus, and command them to be silent. They are no longer part from our own, they are the evil advisers. In order to silence them, let us aspire to destroy in ourselves the roots of our sin, guided in this by this gentle and slight murmur.

This murmur, when we have well differentiated from the inciters and from ourselves, and that we will follow Him in the conviction of submission to God, first in the little things, we will see that His path will lead us in an astonishing way in the fulfillment of the Word of God in us, and even around us. Every day a little more we will then trust Him, and it is He who will participate best in making our faith grow and save us time.

Of course, we must compare again and again, what the Holy Spirit will lead us to do, and the Word of God. One never actually goes without the other, for God never contradicts His Word. At these moments our surroundings will not necessarily understand our new behavior, and will advise us to act on the contrary of our faith. This must certainly make us look again and ask for more at our new attitudes, but the confirmation of God will not be long before we see a change taking place in conformity with his word in our hearts. This word, analogous to the law of God, will indeed be applied as coming from ourselves, and without our having to fight against any action, at least beyond our strength. Once we have begun to see this process act in us, let us then persevere in following this new advisor. He will lead us, for example, to ask for forgiveness of some of our faults. It will allow us to organize our time in a way that will seem to us miraculous every day, to the point where we will be open to dialogue with our children or our parents until we can gradually love our enemies, and finally to better live our Christian life. This is there the whole Glory of God that confirms that we are on the right path, to which He wants to make us participatory. If we remain absolutely sincere and true, let us not therefore worry.

It is from this moment that we quickly perceive that the Holy Spirit is a formidable friend, with whom we will constantly dialogue, in the smallest details of our life. In those moments, perhaps it will happen to you that the Holy Spirit challenges you in the sense that He did it for me in the very first days of my conversion, when He Himself had given to me this passage to read: (Revelation 7-14/15) And I said to him, My lord, *thou* knowest. And he said to me, These are they who come out of the great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and have made them white in the blood of the Lamb. Therefore are they before the throne of God, and serve him day and night in his temple, and he that sits upon the throne shall spread his tabernacle over them.//

Then, addressing God, I said in a deep chagrin: "Lord! Day and night? I will never be able to pray thus day and night! Lord, how is this possible? "I beg your pardon, but it is not for me." I had until this moment only understood prayer in the position of being halted and prostrate, even though I already knew that it was no longer a long litany of prayers.

The Lord then replied to me in these terms: "Is that not what you are already doing?"

There were indeed only a few weeks that I had just experienced the wonders of my conversion, two or three at the very most, and I had considered myself so ridiculous not to believe in God, that when the people who had brought me to conversion had told me: "God Speaks," I had therefore not stopped talking to Him, just as Marie-Claude did. I spoke to Him at night, when I woke up, I realized that I was speaking to Him; the day, I was constantly conversing with Him, at least, the days when I did not have my head upside down, that I had not a short fuse, because these days also existed. I could almost say today, fortunately, these bad days also existed, because they were there to make me aware of the work to be done on myself, to show me and prove me how different my results were on the days of communion with the Holy Spirit. I was forty-two years old and very well acquainted with my manual abilities in meticulous work like those I had just undertaken, so the bad days, my work was what I had always known, but the good days, the days of communion with the Holy Spirit, not only were these results surprising, but they were miraculous at my level, divine.

You will doubtless understand how much this answer, which I did not expect in the least, could surprise and to marvel me, but also leave me stunned. It is nothing to say that God is omnipresent, God is Love, God is ..., but when God's answer falls with as much appropriateness, it comes down to the miracle, the supernatural descended on this earth.

Amazed at the answer of God, I understood of course that this word of praying incessantly, was not to stand on his knees in prayer day and night, but indeed to lead this life of perpetual communion, the "Temple" of the Holy Spirit being our heart. I was thus already leading this life of prayer, in the attitude of a heart open to God, through a dialogue with my God in all things that I performed at any time, in any place and in any circumstance. It is this communion that can upset everything. God is our Father; we can expect an answer from Him. He is the God of life, so He wants to help us to lead ours according to Him (Matthew 26-41) Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.//

We must certainly take as much time as possible in prayer, say traditional, as Jesus himself teaches us in (Matthew 6-6) But *thou*, when thou prayest, enter into thy chamber, and having shut thy door, pray to thy Father who is in secret, and thy Father who sees in secret will render [it] to thee.//

The more time passes, the more years pass, and the more God aspires to manifest Himself to us, to what we lived: «IN HIS CLOUD», in His permanent presence, like Moses on the mountain (see Exodus 19). Jesus does not always want to call us His "servants", but His "friends". (See John 15-9/15).

Jesus wants to call us friends so that our joy is complete, and this is not only for some privileged persons. The communion in the presence of God leads us gradually to that perfect friendship, which God wants for us and with us. This is how we can be pleasant to Him, in this communion, this faith in Him. For this we must be "connected" to the Holy Spirit by our desire to remain informed of Him, and that little bridge that we can see on the picture of the State of mind on page 180, above the point of encounter with the Holy Spirit be lowered, finding ourselves then in communion with our God.

It is through this communion, through this growing faith, that we can also see more and more precisely, the shift of our true behavior according to our heart, and the TRUTH of the Word of God. If you were enlightened by a very powerful theater projector, do not you believe that when you would about to cross the boundaries of the luminous towards the black of sin, you would not be aware of it? It is this living in the "cloud of God". The cloud of God who guided the Hebrews when they came out of Egypt, was a pillar of smoke by day, and a fire illuminating by night, in order to be easy to discern (see Exodus 13). It is not right to live our spiritual life through only prayer in our room, or through meetings of a Christian character manifesting the charismas of God. We may know in these moments what we must practice, perhaps we will then have intellectual understanding, but that will never make us victorious in our mistakes. God wants to lead us to discern the difference, the shade, this little phase-shift between our flesh and the Spirit of God, and at the very moment when we will be trapped by the enemy of our souls, as Jesus wants to reveal it to us, to make us victor of temptation.

If we live God only intermittently, in our reproductions of errors, we will doubtless begin to feel guilty again and again, at the following meetings, when we shall see that we did not succeed more yesterday than the day before yesterday, but what difference that it will do? If we absolutely want to no longer sin, if we have a true and sincere desire for it, and yet we fall systematically or almost in the irresistible temptation of sin, to the point of falling more or less in the acceptance of this one, then we cannot really say we are free. Let us reread indeed, what the apostle Paul tells us about it, (Romans 7-14/20): For we know that the law is spiritual: but I am carnal, sold under sin. For that which I do I allow not: for what I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that do I. If then I do that which I would not, I consent unto the law that it is good. Now then it is no more I that do it, but sin that dwelleth in me. For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh,) dwelleth no good thing: for to will is present with me; but how to perform that which is good I find not. For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do. Now if I do that I would not, it is no more I that do it, but sin that dwelleth in me.//

I would be tempted to say, for my part, the sin that still lives in me. Sin is not always manifested through acts, external attitudes, but nevertheless remains the sin of the same degree as the act itself, for still in our hearts. Whence the fundamental importance of remaining true and honest towards ourselves!

We will keep from this fourth phase, the main Christian qualities to remain fundamentally true and honest towards ourselves and to God, while not accepting to live out of His Cloud, fulfilling any given situation in communion and the presence of God, voluntarily comparing with the Word of God, what is out of touch in our reactions.

Phase 5: Our work from "Jacob" toward "Israel"!

We will never be able to reach our Canaan, our country of the promised land, if we do not let ourselves be led perfectly by God, at every minute, holding us under the light of His spotlight. It is however a dimension that the Lord will ask us to live personally to reach this Canaan, it is our entire will to receive HIS BLESSING. God does not want to give the best of His blessing to ambivalent people who will turn his back to Him as soon as the blessing will be received. This is not a refusal of God to bless us all, but rather a will not to bring the curse on the one who would debase His Grace. He does not want His blessing to become a curse. That is why He expects of us our full determination to receive His blessing, knowing that this one rests in the eradication of all carnal forms in us, and in the least part of our soul. If God did not act this way, He would not allow us to recognize the path of error, and we would systematically fall again in this one, to the aftermath of His blessing. That is why he expects from each one, a determination equal to that of Jacob, to receive the TOTALITY of His BLESSING. That is for that it is necessary to remain true, but also somewhere, not to relax before God, not to accept to lose, that is to say, to leave the opportunity to Satan to win the victories. We must be violent according to God, just as Jacob was, in order to be able to stand firm in the day of victory which would otherwise be for us on the eve of our greatest defeat.

(Genesis 32-24/31): And Jacob remained alone; and a man wrestled with him until the rising of the dawn. And when he saw that he did not prevail against him, he touched the joint of his thigh; and the joint of Jacob's thigh was dislocated as he wrestled with him. And he said, Let me go, for the dawn ariseth. And he said, I will not let thee go except thou bless me. And he said to him, What is thy name? And he said, Jacob. And he said, Thy name shall not henceforth be called Jacob, but Israel; for thou hast wrestled with God, and with men, and hast prevailed. And Jacob asked and said, Tell [me], I pray thee, thy name. And he said, How is it that thou askest after my name? And he blessed him there. And Jacob called the name of the place Peniel -- For I have seen God face to face, and my life has been preserved. And as he passed over Peniel, the sun rose upon him; and he limped upon his hip.//

Perhaps this passage will seem to you to disagree with all that we have hitherto developed, on God's will to bless us, but quite the contrary. God wants people who are engaged with Him, committed not according to carnal desires to possess the world, nor even the greatest church in the world, for if this church does not belong to the Church, that of Christ, it serves you no purpose.

He wants people who are committed to benefit from the least of His blessings, for they are committed to destroying the smallest part of the enemy in them. In the ordeal He offers us, it is to live even more perfectly according to His heart, in order to inherit a garment of a brilliant white for the only glory of God. Do not accept to lose any of His blessings, none of all the gifts he Has so dearly acquired us at the Cross. He wants our soul to benefit from the brilliant white of His Spirit, for only that dimension will remain forever with Him, the rest being burned to fire.

This is found in the Sanctification brought by God to each of those who wish to follow Him that is to say in the closing of the carnal doors of our soul to the enemy according to the outline of the state of minds on page 180. It is not by chance that God asks for such a determination, because now it is no longer a question, as under the Old Testament, of being merely victors of our evil acts called sins, but of going much further, even in our intentions and motivations. Jesus says it in (Matthew 5-27/28): Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not commit adultery: But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.//

It is no longer a question of being able to answer for our actions before men, but rather for a voluntary dimension of each one to look at its own errors, without waiting for one or the other to accuse us of it. For my part, I think that the Lord sees in general the sin of intention, of a worse eye than the act itself. Indeed, the person affected by this kind of behavior, with the exception, perhaps, will not recognize his situation and thus add to his sin lies and hypocrisy. From hence, once again, the importance of remaining true, true, one hundred percent: TRUE! But with the desire and the ardent determination not to sin again!

So what if we still have sinned? Recognize it and recognize it again, we repent of it before God. If we have done wrong to others, ask for forgiveness before God and the concerned person if possible.

Ah! Of course, it is not pleasant to concede the existence of his error before his friends or his wife, especially when in the minutes that preceded, in all sincerity we were fighting the error of another. Or one more, when in the previous instant, we tried to "convert" our own wife, to our own fault, as I so often did. Yet this is the best and the only solution to pull the rug from under the feet of Satan. I will not tell you that it is easy, but it is there that the parties win. It is from this violence that we must want to be sheathed, because the force after which the world runs, this one is only weakness.

If the offended person receives this request for forgiveness, the enemy will have lost on all fronts, for to forgive one must also know get a grip of oneself. Unlike God, our nature would often guide us to prefer the sinner's death rather than his repentance, but the grace of God is immense to the sinner, and that NEVER forgets it. He who looks at his own faults, more than to that of others, knows indeed in how many unfortunate situations he himself has fallen. They may not be the same for one than other, and that is why the enemy will often use us to accuse our own friends. Let us never forget, however, that if the Lord loathes sin, knowing that it is the cause of our misfortune, He is filled with love for the sinner who repents.

Let us not look to the difficulty, nor to forgive, nor to acknowledge and repent of our faults, since if we want one day to be truly free, free to put into practice the Word of God, that is the price we have to pay. The strength and violence that makes us seize the Kingdom of Heaven is to have the humility to acknowledge our sins, our sin before our own brothers and, moreover, before our own spouse or husband, and sometimes many others. This force is not in us, but in God who can give it to us, if we are truly repentant, or in the will to forgive according to the sense in which we are placed. God wants to give us this strength, this violence, to us to ask it to Him.

Perhaps, then, when we come to ask for forgiveness, some will grant us pardon "reluctantly" and not with heart, and criticize at whoever wants to hear them, that we are this or still that. Know that if we do not defend ourselves and humbly accept, even the humiliation that may follow, God will not leave injustice indefinitely. I can assure you before God, that if you act by rightly recognizing your faults, I prefer a hundred times to be in your place, than to those who have said of you with an air of disdain, that you were still, increasingly "possessed" or proud.

This was what some Pharisees were to imply, accusing Jesus of chasing demons by Beelzebub, the prince of demons.

The servant is not greater than his master, and we must expect in this respect many aggressions, especially on the part of those who refuse sanctification for themselves, considering themselves already arrived, but recognize in others, the worst of men.

Even in front of unfair accusations, we must want to no longer sin, to want it, to want it, and to want it again. If, into such circumstances, in front of some people who have fallen into deep religiousness, we realize that, carried away by our answers, we have just spoken a false word, simply by mistake, do not keep it, Satan would be too pleased. This truth is for the truth face up to others, but also the truth of our hearts before God. Let us not content ourselves with half truths towards us. Do not content ourselves with false attitudes, which our intellect recognizes, but which our heart does not live fully. Let us sometimes see that despite all our goodwill, we realize a certain dephasing, a small drift of our truth in front of the Word of God.

This little difference, of which we are sometimes only barely aware, that we have two days or fifty years of Christian life do not bury it! It will often appear to us only in the distant image of a dawning dawn in our minds, but nevertheless represents that part of which God wishes to make us victorious. This dephasing, this small drift, is nothing more than a part of the enemy in us, a sin by which an impure spirit still draws us from the wrong side.

I am not saying "who is still tempting us", although this is often true, but we "pull" again. It pulls us because it still has rights over us, being not yet outside us as is the real temptation. It remains internal to our soul because of our bad behavior against which we have perhaps struggled with great obstinacy, sometimes becoming even cantankerous against ourselves and often against others, until we often retain certain guilt of our evil deeds. Nevertheless, we have never been victorious according to the rules, according to God, according to Jesus at the Cross, after confession, the repentance of our faults, which leads one day or another to the victory over temptation. This spirit keeps its rights, and draws us into error, to reproduce acts which we would not wish to commit, words we would not wish to say.

 As long as we tried to fight harder than we did, we often get one's fingers burnt and especially left a lot of life. Our rancor can be deeply covered, as in the image of this stone in the form of Camembert, which we buried and which we were vigilant not to let get out, not to let others see, in order to proclaim us thus freed. Hypocrites that we are then, if it had been possible for us to defeat the enemy of our souls in this way, would the Lord have agreed to give His life to wash away all our sins? Why would have the LORD given His own son as a ransom for us all? No! Victory in our lives is only acquired on the Cross! The cross! The cross! Then one day, by victory over temptation!

When we will have accepted to be aware of this phase-shift, the victory will be near, if we remain true, and do not try to hide anything. Victory will not come from us but from God, and will not be delayed if we continue to live happily, accepting nevertheless the Cross, that is to say, without fear and without any refusal of the repentance of our faults, whatever the content, the time and the place. The difficulty we usually encounter at this stage is indeed to see according to God. When we observe the small drift, more or less important, rather than seeing it as the Lord sees it, that is to say, as a future victory, we feel accused of it in the same way as if it was us who would voluntarily sought to fall in this error. As if this dephasing was ourselves, whereas it is only a part of the enemy that we have not yet defeated, a small part which still leads us to error, whereas we would not want it. If we do not want it, are we going to say it is ourselves?

No! It is the enemy who makes us believe, so that we conceal this error from the look of others and bury it, but also that we keep it. He has no capacity over the Christian born of the Spirit, otherwise we will confuse him with ourselves, so that we will not drive him out, contrary to what we really want. When, therefore, we see this dephasing, this small drift between the aspiration of our hearts and the truth of the Word of God, let us no longer regard it as an accusation of what we are not yet, but as a future victory of what we will be tomorrow, a victory of Jesus in our lives.

Do not you think that a fox whose paw would be caught in the vise of the jaws of a trap, would not have hatred for those hard metal jaws that would crush his unfortunate paw? So for ourselves, if we become aware of the trap which encloses us or which encloses our brothers, sisters, friends, parents, and even our enemies, will we not have the hatred for this trap? Will we continue to confuse the trap with the fox? Let us be cunning as the enemy is cunning, let us see in that his share, this bad software that he has put in us, even if we have agreed for him because of our carnal nature. Our responsibilities to have followed him remain whole, and it is precisely this that makes our souls are similar to him as long as they are not yet transformed. Let us take the time to sit down, to put ourselves long before God, to seek his presence by fasting if necessary, but obviously at least by prayer.

Why that? To begin to measure the path we will have to go through, to measure our path of repentance, but also to make us discern where we branch off in relation to the truth of God. Often we will become aware in these moments of prayer that we are truly incapable of changing to the very image of what we are beginning to see. Unable to "do", but also frequently, unable to "want"! Why that? On the one hand, for lack of humility, it is true, but above all because of the deceit of the enemy, which has deceived us, and which leads us to believe that such and such behavior is vital to us, indispensable and necessary to our own equilibrium, to our own survival, that we are in fact only humans, and that any particular attitude is nevertheless very natural. Certainly yes, perhaps, because often he will even use half-truths to convince us not to take our step!

We will not take a specific example, leaving each one to look at his own sin. It can go in many senses, be it in sexuality, up to the protectionism of its children, which then withdraws to God the means to take them in hand, whether in dialogue with the dead or in greed which happens that pertain to a profound idolatry; The Spirit is well disposed, but the flesh is weak.

We will keep from this fifth phase, this ardent desire to receive at all costs all the blessings of God, without leaving a jota to the enemy, preserving this same fierce will to no longer sin, but repenting before God and before the men every time we reproduce it. Continue to let ourselves be into question by God on our reactions in dephasing with our understanding of the word of God.

Phase 6 - The happy baptism of the fire of God: The purification!

Why happy? Because, nothing that comes to us from God can be unhappy, and has the possibility to destroy us, even if it is the thing that can seem to us the worst at that time. Even His curses are not meant to crush us, but to make us aware of the benefit we have of leading our lives with Him. If this is so with His curses, how much more so, the path He has prepared for us in his will, is a happy and full of pleasant surprises path.

The Lord will certainly ask us to accept to lose everything, and this is in that, the advantage of having chosen the right coach. If there is one thing He is able to give us, it is precisely the "will" and the "doing" against sin. He will certainly ask for the most ardent violence to receive this blessing, but he knows very well that, to a certain extent, we are quite incapable of manifesting this real dimension when we are dealing with an error that we have reproduced since years without conceiving the possibility of separating us from it. We will certainly have to admit that we are incapable of doing it in ALL HUMILITY, but accepting however to live, and even to rejoice in the confidence that it is God who will lead us to victory and not ourselves. In these moments, which then appear in our eyes as being so unhappy, I can assure you that even in the middle of winter, sweat can flow from the forehead of the one who is at the foot of the wall, and who wants to remain honest. But if he accepts, the Lord will make him victorious. This is what we must look at in these circumstances, the eyes fixed on the goal of not leaving anything to Satan, not even a iota. Obviously, we will not already perceive this "loss" as an advantage, but rather as a voluntary bullying, almost a suicide; That is why in the acceptance of this "loss" alone our faith intervenes, that trust that we then place in God and no longer in us.

I can assure you that in this context we will have absolutely no glory to draw from our new behaviors, the day we have been made capable of accomplishing these. How much will we know, on the contrary, that we are absolutely for nothing ourselves, and that all Glory comes to God in Jesus Christ! This baptism, which we may call "of fire," in comparison with the first combat of a soldier at war, is that of which the Apostle Paul speaks in his letter to Titus in (Titus 3-2/5) For we were once ourselves also without intelligence, disobedient, wandering in error, serving various lusts and pleasures, living in malice and envy, hateful, [and] hating one another. But when the kindness and love to man of our Saviour God appeared, not on the principle of works which [have been done] in righteousness which *we* had done, but according to his own mercy he saved us through [the] washing of regeneration and renewal of [the] Holy Spirit,// Nothing that comes to us from God can truly be born in us and bear good fruit without this phase of purification that make a clean sweep of the corresponding part of our soul, built beforehand in the flesh.

Waiting for this time, we will bury ourselves, for fear of being trapped? Will we continue to justify an unfair behavior? I am obviously talking about any unfair trends that we are beginning to recognize.

No! If we find ourselves once again perpetrating this tendency to error, we will continue to ask forgiveness from the Lord with a repentant heart, but also with those to whom we will have done harm, if any. If we do not have any understanding towards them, we may not be able to denounce our mistakes completely, but at least we can always be truthful and open to conciliation. The victory over temptation will come at such times, because we shall at least have acknowledged our error before God, but above all because we will have admitted ourselves incapable of overcoming it by ourselves. Given that we will have come to the Cross as much as we had to acknowledge it and ask for forgiveness of our sin, but that we will have accepted to live and even TO REJOICE US FROM LIVING without perpetrating this sin, then this sin will already be almost under our feet.

At the moment before the victory, I believe that this is the greatest difficulty: to rejoice! Often at that time also we would prefer to kill ourselves, but also ALWAYS at this moment that we truly wrest the total victory, even if we must for that to make us violent and compel our soul to praise God. Many speak of a "sacrifice of praise" when they are arms in heaven in Christian meetings. I can assure you for having lived it, that the true sacrifice of praise takes its true dimension of sacrifice only at the foot of the wall of sin, and that is why God accepts it.

In the expectation of this blessed time of victory, we will remain as much as possible, in communion, in the "Cloud of God," and so one day, at the precise moment of reacting badly, a bit like if we was watching us act, we will then realize what is this famous phase shift. It will then seem to us a bit like outside to us this time, since we holding ourselves in God and being as a spectator of ourselves. It is at this moment that we will say to him in the name of Jesus a great, NO, as I ordered it to this spirit of hypnosis on the day when I surprised myself to dialogue with him. The victory will then be acquired, having refused him the right to lead us before that we fall again into the error in which he would once more bring us in, had we not stood in the presence of Jesus.

In these moments of the victory, sometimes before, sometimes after, God remains master of it, we will have the revelation generally of the name of this unclean spirit that was pushing us, was imposing us the fault. At this very moment and always according to the will of God, but in a more precise way, we will also become aware from what moment of our past life, we were drawing the carnal image that was leading us to error. Whether it is a reference of the most fundamental or not, whether this error has been a bond or simply an unclean not predominant spirit, the difference will then be very minimal, because they are of the same nature.

Because of our acceptance of sin, as we have seen, the bond will often require much more humility, for we will generally have led to faults which we will consider more unavowable. But apart from that, when the battle has been conducted according to the rules, each one will already have received from God sufficient authority to order the enemy to withdraw, since it is not the person who acts but Jesus. Everyone may then discover a holy violence which God has placed in him and which he did not know himself until then. If this is the case, this person will discover this violence through a fierce will, a thirst for victory, almost as a hatred that will suddenly rise in him against that spirit that dominated over him and which as quickly would make way for a great fullness. This violence, God wants to give it to us, not so that we may put tear others to pieces, or even that we should see ourselves as supermen, but that we could become aware of our dimension and of His own, and that we thank Him for that.

Then we will be able sing with truth (Revelation 1-5/6): To him who loves us, and has washed us from our sins in his blood, and made us a kingdom, priests to his God and Father: to him [be] the glory and the might to the ages of ages. Amen.//

This authority God gives it to each of those who recognize Jesus Christ as the Son of God, as was the case with Peter: (Matthew 16-16/19) And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God. And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven. And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.//

They are on "stones" of this kind and whose violence is directed in this sense, that Jesus wants to build his church, his body. This violence reigns in the humility of working at the own liberation of his soul, and not in the glory of chased away great demons. Jesus came to give us life, life in abundance, already in our human condition. The one who actually passes by there, will no longer look at the faults of others to condemn them, whether they have fallen or fall into traps greater than those in which he himself fell. On the contrary, he will be humbly conscious of his size.

For this sixth phase, which is more miraculous than human, we will retain this ability of God in Jesus Christ to give us both "WILL" and "DO", if we cry to Him once our human capacity is exceeded; but that we accept and we make ourselves violence to live and that WE ARE DELIGHTED TO LIVE WITHOUT OUR SIN, always denouncing it with as much determination, until to our NO to this one, which brings the VICTORY on the TENTATION!

Phase 7: The Return of Temptation

No, it is not a serial novel that I transcribe you, but rather the unavoidable sequel to the journey of the birth of our soul to the dimension of the Holy Spirit in us. This work can sometimes translate into an almost miraculous contraction of all the phases that we see together, and some will then see only a path of personal thoughts. Yet it is this miracle that many will have lived only a few times in their lives without having experienced all the details as was my case, which will motivate them to remain permanently attached to Jesus until their death. Perhaps was it because I was worse than others that the Lord showed me point by point all the details?

It must be clear, however, that if we want the Lord remains the custodian of this part of our soul rewritten to the dimension of the Holy Spirit, and no longer issue from the unclean spirit as before, it is necessary that of ourselves this time, we did not return to the sin of which we have just been freed. It will then be without Satan having the right to shoot us by a subterfuge or the other, because we will then be born of a dimension capable of seeing him happen, but without Jesus having no longer manifested any other miracle than that already rewritten in our soul. The Lord can indeed defend us only if we desire to walk with Him, and entirely of ourselves this time.

We shall all the more easily see the temptation to occur, that we will not have cut corners and that we will have been led by God. Two things will then build a new force in us that will surprise us both. The first, we will have often discovered it as soon as the victory snatched, by the surprising discovery of winning reactions in various other parts of our lives, where until then we had recognized us incapable of this. A new momentum will then have arisen from these observations, an enthusiasm all the greater towards God that we will have seen Him act deeply in us. The second, we ourselves will see by a form of lack of interest in reproducing error, as a certain nascent indifference. I do not tell you that the totality of sin will inevitably disgust you already, but you will notice a decreasing interest of it in the course of victories. It is necessary to remain clear, a war is not won from the first victory, just as a mountain does not necessarily move from the first wheelbarrow. Do you then believe that after this first wheelbarrow we will never be able to find the same temptations for the same errors? Obviously yes, and it will not be because we were not the winners the first time! We all know how a mountain is made, even if we are not mountaineers. There are plains, valleys, precipices, ravines, escarpments, overhangs, and the summit sometimes in the form of a needle. It is obvious that if we worked humanely, we would load the first stone in the form of a Camembert, the first wheelbarrow, where we have access, and that is there where it is important thing to work with God and not for God. Before this first wheelbarrow, the Lord made us work to build consolation bridges, viaducts of enthusiasm, which will allow us access to the place that is most inaccessible to us, the one that made us every time fall into the reproduction of carnal error. This will perhaps be the summit, like it will perhaps be a notorious overhang, and that is why, from the first victory, we will stumble a little less feet against other stones in the form of Camembert constituting our mountain, that of a sin in which we fall most easily. This one will return one day or the other titillate us, but we will be more and more easily winner, until the last victory, the last wheelbarrow that will see our old mountain throw itself into the sea.

If we once again take a concrete example of several unclean spirits hidden one behind the other, this time we can say jealousy, hidden by condemnation, hidden by anger, hidden by hypocrisy. When we will have conquered the first two stones in the form of a Camembert, the first two wheelbarrows of hypocrisy and anger, do you think that the condemnation will be gone? Do you think the jealousy will be gone? No! But we will see them better and better happen, without systematically saying yes to the mistake. Hypocrisy may also, on the other hand, have been the first spirit to reign over you by other intermediaries than that of jealousy, but it is once this one will be hunted that jealousy will be able one day be highlighted by the Lord in you. We cannot premeditate our carnal psychological construction, which is why there are so many interests to rebuild "WITH" the Spirit of God.

Along this path, we will then understand better and better the words of the Apostle Paul in (Ephesians 6-10/12) For the rest, brethren, be strong in [the] Lord, and in the might of his strength. Put on the panoply of God, that ye may be able to stand against the artifices of the devil: because our struggle is not against blood and flesh, but against principalities, against authorities, against the universal lords of this darkness, against spiritual [power] of wickedness in the heavenlies.//

This is that, The Boomerang Effect, this new joy in simple things, as God gives them through His Word. This joy that man did not know until then and suddenly discovers. New joys which he cannot invent, and which God can then give him to perceive. This new love, this new inner peace, this new understanding of the Word of God, is in reality only a new small part of the Heart of God which He has Himself placed into ours. This is also why it cannot be described. At each stage a new joy awaits us. At each stage, a stone of the old building, of our old construction, is thus withdrawn to be replaced by two other stones, as we have already seen before. The one that resembles us, will rejoice already because we will feel clean as we can be after a good bath; But the one that will make us discover the Heart of God, then will be not only beautiful and wonderful, but precious to our hearts as are the Stones of the New Jerusalem which everyone can read the description in Revelation 21, but also in the image of what the apostle Paul tells us in (Ephesians 3-14/21) For this cause I bow my knees unto the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, Of whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named, That he would grant you, according to the riches of his glory, to be strengthened with might by his Spirit in the inner man; That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that ye, being rooted and grounded in love, May be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height; And to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fulness of God.

Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.

Let us learn to aspire to sanctification, to this new life of happiness, before our sin leads to God's wrath on us. Let us learn to aspire to this blessing to leave our evil ways, for we shall have but our eyes to weep in the day of His anger and our blindness. So despite some "punishments" that God will sometimes allow to open our eyes, as was my case through the divorce that I experienced with Annette, my first wife, let us say: Thank you Lord for what you have nevertheless left my life to give me" The opportunity to repent, and accept to live in newness of life.»

Whatever punishment or punishments we may have received one day, let us never forget that ANY THING CONTRIBUTES TO THE WELL OF THOSE WHO LOVES GOD. Who He lives in us! And that this new Jerusalem is our heart!

We will therefore retain from this ultimate phase the image of this balanced and vigilant joy in order to maintain ourselves in this profound happiness, very different from that which we knew before in carnal exaltations which brought only a vain and ephemeral solace. We will be all the more attached to this new happiness, which we shall know in the deepest of ourselves, that it does not come from us, but from God in this new one: US!


We will therefore take up the main points, recalling us, however, that nothing can ever replace our Friend the Holy Spirit in our communion with God. As I said at the beginning of this book, when we come to Christ, let us not be too eager to enter this dimension, until we have acquired sufficient teaching and experience. We will not embark, could we say, to the hunting for "demons". Let us always take time before God, for He can never be replaced by any knowledge that we can acquire. However, it is not a method, but a simple warning not to simply give reason to a new rule as an acquired knowledge sufficient to renew our soul from the past dimension of the flesh, to a new dimension of the Spirit. Nothing truly good can be constructed concretely in us, if repentance to the Cross has not passed, and we have not been conquerors over the temptation of our old evil ways. Even at the last minute before the return of Christ, let us take the time to stay to the listening to the Holy Spirit, without rushing us as Cain, to present to God a soul cultivated according to our good reasoning. Let us never forget in fact that as beautiful will be the culture, it led Cain to become a murderer of his brother Abel, as we see so often in many of our assemblies, also renewed by the "Spirit" may they be. This prefiguration of the mode of work to be accomplished in our soul is a concrete example that we have to make die that which is born from flesh, without drawing any glory from the good culture that we have made grow, at risk, if not, to become murderers between us. What comes back to us from God as a Boomerang Effect, in return for the sin of which He has made us victorious, is the only dimension which may be pleasant to Him, and which will produce in us good fruit in a filled and happy heart, until eternal life.

Phase 1 - The error of our original nature

Recognize that our ways are not those of God. Ask Him for the conviction if necessary.

Reminder: From this first phase, we shall therefore remember that we must recognize that our ways are not that of God, and that with regard to our good will, as for our bad ways, we must ask Him, the real conviction of carnal error.

Phase 2: Jesus, Personal Savior and Lord!

Accept Jesus in his heart as his personal savior.

Seek communion with God at any time, in any place and in any circumstance.

Accept Jesus as Lord, so in the first place.

Reminder: As far as this second phase is concerned, we will keep in mind that only the fact of placing Jesus as PERSONAL SAVIOR AND LORD, at any times, in any place and in any circumstance, will make us victorious. We will remain subject to each other, but we will not lose sight of the fact that our personal authority, conducted advisedly with the Lord, will increase our faith and our soul to the dimension of God.

Phase 3 – The Baptisms

Recognize Jesus as Savior and Lord before God and before men, baptism of water.

Aspire to Baptism in the Holy Spirit, if this is not already done.

Reminder: We shall keep in mind, concerning this third phase, the fact that if we have fully accepted Jesus as a personal Savior and Lord, our desire will be turned to take position for Him through the BAPTISM OF WATER. Then, because we want to follow Him sincerely in all things, he will soon baptize us with the HOLY SPIRIT. If it seems to us that he delay doing, let us eventually ask God for the conviction of sin, but if he gives it to us, let us not disdain it. Let us never forget that Jesus will be ashamed of one who was shameful of Him in its generation!

Phase 4: Living in the Cloud of God

- Aspire to change behavior while remaining TRUE.

- To live in the Cloud of God, in His permanent presence, at any time, in any place and in any circumstance.

- Expect the Lord to show us the difference between our truth and His.

- Absolutely want to lose any bad attitude, and ask forgiveness whenever we fall into a mistake we already perceive as such.

Reminder: We will keep from this fourth phase, the main Christian qualities to remain fundamentally true and honest towards ourselves and to God, while not accepting to live out of His Cloud, fulfilling any given situation in communion and the presence of God, voluntarily comparing with the Word of God, what is out of touch in our reactions.

Phase 5: Our work from "Jacob" toward "Israel"!

- Like Jacob before he became Israel, wanting to inherit one hundred percent of the true blessing of God.

- Do not accept a mistake before God, do not recognize it as justice, do not bury it. But if we do not see it as a necessary loss, ask the Lord to "will" and "do" it.

- Sit down and take the time to let us teach in prayer and fasting from all the bad deeds to lose and forgiveness to ask, in connection with a form of understanding of our reactions in phase shift with our understanding of the word of God.

Reminder: We will keep from this fifth phase entirely human, this ardent desire to receive at all costs all the blessings of God, without leaving a jota to the enemy, keeping this same fierce will to no longer sin, but repenting before God and before the men every time we reproduce it. Continue to let ourselves be into question by God on our reactions in dephasing with our understanding of the word of God.

Phase 6 - The happy baptism of the fire of God: The purification!

- Not to live the guilt of any phase shift whatsoever, but to want to repent while accepting to live in JOY.

- Stay waiting for God's full revelation about what leads us to a phase shift between us and the word of God.

- To be victorious of the temptation, saying NO to sin at the instant preceding this one.

- To bind and drive away the unclean spirit if the Lord has revealed it to us, to free us of him in the name of Jesus.

Reminder: For this sixth phase, which is more miraculous than human, we will retain this ability of God in Jesus Christ to give us both "WILL" and "DO", if we cry to Him once our human capacity is exceeded; but that we accept and we make ourselves violence to live and that WE ARE DELIGHTED TO LIVE WITHOUT OUR SIN, always denouncing it with as much determination, until to our NO to this one, which brings the VICTORY on the TENTATION!

Phase 7: The Return of Temptation

- Accept to bear the consequences of our actions, therefore, the Sovereignty of God.

- Do not return to sin, once the temptation has become outside and seeming inappropriate.

Reminder:  We will therefore retain from this ultimate phase the image of this balanced and vigilant joy in order to maintain ourselves in this profound happiness, very different from that which we knew before in carnal exaltations which brought only a vain and ephemeral solace. We will be all the more attached to this new happiness, which we shall know in the deepest of ourselves that it does not come from us, but from God in this new: US!

I pointed out it a few pages ago, many enter, and have always entered the sanctification, being only spectators of this result, without understanding the real mechanism. I therefore did not recapitulate by numbering in a precise sense each of the steps contained in the different phases. The order is absolutely not systematic and we must always leave the sovereignty at God.

We could for the most part of the time assimilate these different thresholds into one single per phase, where everything often happens in a few seconds, a few minutes, a few hours to the maximum.

We must, however, remain weighted, some very profound misunderstandings, bring to anybody a fight of several years to become victorious. It is not a matter of a more difficult spirit to hunt than another, but an error of which we do not have the real desire, the real understanding of having to separate ourselves from it for our good. So we do not want it with a real commitment on our part, with TRUTH. We accept in this that God transforms us to His image if He wants to, but without our participation, without having to reject sin ourselves.

It is, however, fundamental to want it one hundred percent with truth, and not as mere acceptance under reserve, for God will never go against our will. That is why we need to have an understanding of our bad behavior.

Many tell us then, but it is not complicated to understand that! Eh yes ! Afterwards, that is what everyone also says, but before, we have to live it...

To God in Jesus Christ be the Glory, to the centuries of the ages! Amen!

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