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3 - The journey to the desert

If the passage to the desert is an unavoidable path, it is because it is there to teach us to trust the perception of the Holy Spirit from our "heart", at all times, in all places and in all circumstances, in our old mode of operation, which corresponds to the desert of divine Love, as an emotional reference that produces all forms of action. This advance into the desert is then made in a communion with the Holy Spirit who brings a guide to be followed step by step, comparable to the guide that the Hebrews followed in the desert, by the pillar of fire at night and smoke by day, like us have just underlined it. This education to perceive and properly discern the Holy Spirit in our "heart" is all the more essential, as the initial logic under tutelage, had as its first vocation to maintain us on the approximate values of our genetics and a secondary interest to lead us to God, while the Holy Spirit is in the opposite effect. He is given to us in order to lead us towards a real communion with God and to guide our heart aspirations towards respect for the word of God and therefore our genetics. If we can thus perceive more easily the guide of the Holy Spirit, than that of the old logic, it is because being of divine nature, the Holy Spirit considerably intensifies our capacity to isolate the emotion which He represents as Guide, among all the emotions felt at the level of the heart, coming from the other parts of our emotional system. This is why it is possible for us to follow it with great precision, whether it is individually or collectively. However, it is fundamental to take into account the fact that the Holy Spirit is never this one who produces the action Himself. Whether in our reflex reactions or following our own analyzes, He certainly tries to involve us as best as possible, but the other parts of our emotional system easily override on Him, although He is the third person of God.

It is therefore important to look a little more precisely at the construction of the emotional base which is at the origin of any transformation of emotion into action in humans, if we want to extract the right analysis from it and avoid silencing the Holy-Spirit in us, when He guides us to act by faith.

It is certainly impossible for us to affirm that the egocentric spiritual logic of the spirit, which already endowed our ancestors, is procured divinely or genetically to all human beings, but it is initialized from the embryonic state in the neurons surrounding the heart, to impact first the primary brain and ensure the vegetative survival of the individual. The emotional part that we are looking at and over which the Holy Spirit wants to make us victorious, occurs a few months after procreation, during the fetal period, during which the global logic contained in the "heart", generates a personalization of the emotion / reaction system of this human future, in order to provide for his action ability. It is through the impact of the emotions produced by this logic of the spirit in the "heart" of the fetus, that according to its perception of the surrounding context, the reflection on its genetics imprints in its brain a will to act and at the birth endows it of a stereotypical basis of programmed actions. This is also why this basis becomes representative of both the logic of the original spirit and the genetics of the subject and provides the human brain with what is biblically called also spirit or mind.

The personalization of this logic of the spirit thus created in the brain, then acts like parental monitoring carried out on any computer file, used by our children's computers or phones. This is also why, according to our genetics and our mother's experience, the limits not to be crossed are not interpreted in the same way by everyone, which we will talk about again. Each emotional element finalizing an emotion in action, then becomes what we could consider as a computer signature, of belonging to this tutor and any feeling resulting from the learning of childhood, which comes to perfect this first system, is built on the extension and in the same nature as this one, before being programmed for the period of adolescence. Whatever impact the Holy Spirit may have on our upbringing, our emotional system takes our feelings into account to produce greater precision of resulting action, but cannot change their nature. Any learning from childhood therefore influences the programming of adolescence towards a putting into practice of the divine will, according to the learning received, but given that since all times, all feelings are there to influence the spirit in a sense that is recognized as good by the subject and not to rewrite its nature, nothing can change, neither this nature, nor the signature of this emotional structure.

After the programming of feelings in adolescence, the establishment of this system, which is the only one capable of producing an action in humans, ends around the age of 25 to 26 years and no access allows us any more modify the structure. All our "emotion / reaction" system is thus written in the nature of the reward / punishment logic, whatever the influence of the divine precepts received by each may have been.

Only our EQ (emotional quotient) which corresponds to what the bible calls self-control, allows us to vary the emotional intensity, in order to allow the selection of the mind and feelings in the brain and to produce the resulting action, according to an intensity that we consider right. The response by a smile could for example be produced on a variable scale of exuberance and it is therefore the multitude of programming in the neurons of our two main emotional centers, managed by this EQ, which gives us the impression of being able to modify these programmed actions, while only Jesus has the rights to rewrite them, thanks to his fulfillment of the law which brought Him authority over Satan.

What is important to take into account is the fundamental difference between us and Jesus, when He was still on earth, because while his genetics were one hundred percent identical to ours, his emotional system was one hundred percent different. The fact that He was born of the Holy Spirit from the womb of Mary, his mother, and that He never gave reason to the temptation of Satan, made that any resulting action, programmed in his emotional system, was written on the basis of divine Love and not on the egocentric values of the reward / punishment logic, as is our case. This is why He is called the Son of God and that He wants to baptize us with his Holy Spirit, in order to make us "eventually" perfectly like Him if we are to follow Him, as we will develop in the next paragraphs.

If every sinner who repents in Jesus Christ inherits eternal life, like the thief on the cross, the Holy Spirit is given for those who want to follow Jesus and persevere in his ways, to enable him to keep the eternal life with assurance, by the use of the best possible initial feeling, despite the desert of divine Love in its initial feelings. This is the reason why, from the moment we entrust our entire life to Him so as not to sin any longer and to remain in compliance with His precepts of Love, He can baptize us with his Holy Spirit in our "heart", in order to initialize our emotional system towards a beginning of conformity with our conscience, itself of divine nature since Adam and Eve.

It is not a question of entering religion however,  but of learning to let ourselves be guided by God in Jesus Christ, whatever our call in church or in society, because it is our communion with the Holy Spirit who makes us children of God and not our position in the church. Whatever our vocation, this taking charge of Jesus in heaven frees us from the surveillance of the enemy of our souls, as taken by another relay to God, which covers the bad ends of actions of our initial feelings. This covering can only be done through our entire will to use our free will, in voluntary respect for the word of God and therefore that of our genetics. This is where water baptism is a commitment to Christ, to keep a good conscience before God, and allows Christ to take over from the old guardianship.

During this time in the “desert”, the learning how to use this free will is therefore fundamental, since for any transformation of emotion into action, the Holy Spirit remains dependent on the programmed part of our old emotional system in our brain, not responding perfectly to the final objective of our consciousness, despite all the sincerity in which we try to use it.

This better choice of feelings is in fact the real starting point of the calling of Christ in us, but it is especially not the end goal. This is why we must remain aware that as close to the divine nature our emotional system could have been built, as long as the “updating of the Holy Spirit” in our hearts is not “installed” correctly in our brain, any action from us will look alike, to be mistaken, to an action of a divine nature, but will not be for all that in the divine nature.

If during this time in the desert, Jesus therefore covers any emotional finality producing an action programmed under the old logic, this clearly shows that sin is not only theft, murder and many other dramatic attitudes for the human, but this entire desert devoid of divine Love in every neuron of our brain. Yet it is in this desert that the Holy Spirit leads us with Love, if we want to follow Him, just as the Lord God did for the Hebrews when they came out of Egypt, by the pillar of fire at night and of smoke the day, but a day comes when He wishes to bring us out of this desert and it is up to us to say to Him: “Yes, Lord, I want it!"

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