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3 - The faith confirms science, but establishes its current limits.

3 - 3 The Love and the Law according to God are growing with the  renewal of the cognitive maps written under another language, but especially of the renewal of the “Small Brain of the Heart” then Limbic brain.

Each one easily understands the establishment of cognitive maps more particularly linked to certain periods of our life, because it's become part of everyday life, not to traumatize the child by violent behaviors, even if many big mistakes still occur.

Another teaching also is very used, it is the self-control with the means of human sciences more or less learned well, in order to manage breathing, to see the spirit, and to thus limit the emotional character, therefore cardiac coherence in certain significant situations. The body benefit is indisputable, and much of sportsmen, of which we make party, into practice put it since very long time. This attitude concerns nevertheless “training” and not the observation a posteriori of a change of “logic”, as it is normal to note it when God leads us on the questionings. If as Christians, we do not have to fight these human sciences and the body benefits that they can bring, we do not have to agree them as right in the practical application. Besides these methods make only highlight what we can note scientifically and in particular the more or less important control that we have individually to accentuate or minimize the impacts of the spirit placed in the limbic brain. (See the diagram chapter 1-5) They do not show in the least the replacement of our spirit located in our limbic brain to the profit of that of God, as it is the case when one becomes victorious with the assistance of the Holy Spirit of this same carnal spirit. The comportment of which we must become spectator is not only serenity in situations similar to those which tormented us previously, but also the corresponding share of Law of God in our hearts.

The behavior, of which God wants to make us become spectators, has indeed none connection to learning, because in this case, this one is subjected to the analysis of our animal nature that silences our human conscience sometimes. The man have at one's disposal already in his genes this conscience, not for its own satisfaction in what can become a trap for him, but quite to the contrary to test its own reactions that would involve it early or late in an imbalance badly lived by itself and that it cannot suspect yet.

When we are subjected to analyzable situations, it is easy for us to comprise us as a good Christian, according to whether we give or not reason to the law of God, even if sometimes we can be tempted by the excess of the too or not enough. If we meet a spiritual new approach of a lived context, we give possibly reason to this new theory, and of new cognitive maps appear becoming possibly preferential at the preceding ones. As long as we remain in our universe, no problem arises, and we strengthen ourselves in an immutable presumption of truth. The problem appears when we change our environment, and that, subject to a context different from our normal environment, the cardiac incoherencies lead us to disconnect from our analysis and react to opposing values to which we give otherwise reason, by use the short circuit of the brain and its preset programs, see paragraph 1-5. After bad reactions of our share, rather than to look at ambivalence between these reactions to which led us the spirit of our limbic brain like our feelings, in comparison with our usual analyzes, made with our cognitive charts already acquired in a close relationship of conscience with the Holy Spirit, it is then easier to us to demonize the author of the circumstances met, to see the circumstances themselves. If we act thus, we will have to use our old feelings, to force Holy Spirit to be quiet in our heart. We will then be obliged to preserve us context or of the individual himself, to preserve a valorous eye of ourselves, and to better disguise, sometimes in the eye of the others and our own conscience, our behaviors of carnal nature.

The cardiac incoherence that is born in the moments preceding our carnal reactions is thus a fundamental sign of alarm. It stems from a conflict between our feelings more or less renewed, contained in the right lobe of the neocortex (the soul), the carnal spirit just as badly renewed contained in our limbic brain, which collide with the corresponding part of the Holy Spirit contained in the Small Brain of the Heart, trying to silence it by carnal reasoning.

As long as we can discern these cardiac inconsistencies that are indicative of the ambivalence between the superior nature of God and this of the flesh to which we give reason through our reactions, so we cannot say be transformed according to God, for the corresponding shares in our minds and feelings. His software in our Small Brain of the Heart, which of course took the entire place at the time of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, is indeed compressed, as driven out by our reasoning and forbidden for action in some of our behavior, to make way for the corresponding carnal spirit. The worst is yet to come, as to silence our doubts faces our bad behavior in our knowledge of the word of God, we condemn with more and more vehemence, the characters or the circumstances that led us to the error in our reactions. The cognitive maps of our soul can be almost entirely renewed by learning the word of God led by the Holy Spirit in favorable moments, without our spirit and feelings, have themselves received any renewal. If the phenomenon stopped there, the thing would certainly be serious, because of the concealment of our mistakes and condemnation of our fellow human beings, not for their actions, but the aggravation would not be too sensitive. The problem is not linear, but double, on the one hand, the carnal spirit which had been ousted by the baptism of the Holy Spirit is appealing, according to the word of God, at seven worse spirits, to better is hidden in our own arguments or reasoning, and the renewal of our cognitive maps,  is increasingly in the condemnation of the outside world and the interpretation of the word of God for our benefit. The carnal spirit came reinforcement to the first, will then abuse us in our half sincerity, so that our new cognitive maps moderate fewer feelings themselves in the acting limitations of our survival spirit and all our analyzes and reactions will increase, corresponding to a sectarianism and dissembling our own faults, or because of our self-flagellation, as a barrier to our temptations to error. It is what creates the obese spiritual ones which knows, but cannot live fully and freely the Word of God as God would wish it. They accumulate food of the word of God in their souls, or more exactly in their only cognitive maps in forgetting the feelings, but giving reason themselves for certain behaviors, which can go up to a destructive carnal fanaticism. They forget the deep repentance of heart for themselves, this cry to God so necessary to the rewriting of their spirit in another language, and then become full of themselves by always falling back their own mistakes on others. The Spirit of God, who is both the legs and the engine of the soul, cannot lead them in this permanent joy and vitality, because their obesity obliges them to the only sitting position. They then fill the benches with their church and criticize those which do not do as much of it.

These people unfortunately cannot go up to love their enemies and that is what should question them the most, because the place which God has in their heart is the same as their carnal limbic brain remained in the allegorical dimension of the parable of the talents (see Matthew 25-13/30). They go up to compress the Holy Spirit of God in their small brains of the heart at such a point, that it would have been better for them that they have never received Him, since they have not done fruited to renew their own challenged, but buried him as in the parable of the talents. So doing, people actually use that the Holy Spirit reveals to them as the more relevant, more accurate in detail from their mistakes to get oneself out of a fix, they use it in the condemnation of their similar even though they know they will be judged with the measure they judged other, as Jesus taught (Matthew 6-1/5). God's Word is indeed a double-edged weapon, (Hebrews 4-12) which enables us to advance in the best if we use it good way, but is turned over against its user in the contrary case. As long as a human being did not receive from means of comparison between the will of God and its behaviors, God reproaches him indeed only the fact of not having agreed so that He proposed the best to him: Jesus; but for those who received the holy spirit that Jesus has given in baptism and has silenced it by compressing it until maybe sometimes rejecting it completely, how could it not be more guilty in the eyes of God? These peoples consider themselves saved by their knowledge and the baptism of the Holy Spirit, whereas that they are precisely this knowledge and this baptism that condemn them because of their refusal to see clear in themselves. Their spirit thus remained immutably carnal, since the Holy Spirit which at the day of their baptism took the entire place, found hid, compressed completely under the heaps of judgments of their similar, without it to be ever used for purposes for which he had been lavished to them. This spirit whose Jesus returned testimony before to pass away, saying: Father, into your hands I give my Spirit. This Spirit which could not cross the hell because of its nature different to that from Satan, will it be ours? In the previous paragraph, do not we just read that God wants to bring His laws into our hearts and write them in our spirit?

God does not take pleasure with the eternal same story, sin repentance, sin repentance, because this attitude indicates a certain tepidity towards our desire to make Its will, which denatures then what He put in us by the Holy Spirit. In addition, this attitude is also highlighting denaturation of our soul that we believe then saved at least like the brigand on the Cross, whereas we are in the position to which God will say as he is written in Matthew 7-22/23: Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in your name? And in your name have cast out devils? And in your name done many wonderful works?  And then will I profess to them, I never knew you: depart from me, you that work iniquity.

Jesus, speaking about these people became identical to the Pharisees of this time, then said “All therefore whatsoever they bid you observe, that observe and do; but do not ye after their works: for they say, and do not”. God want to make our system coherent, without there is training to make conceal, neither our conscience, nor our heart. It is thus obviously good to know to control its breathing and to thus limit its cardiac incoherence, but none of our reactions must be occulted by this practice in relation to our personal analyzes of conscience, if we are eager of a renewal of the soul and spirit. The true alarm that God can gave to alert us on our own errors, are indeed ambivalences between our conscious actions and our unconscious reactions.

In fact, our ability to realize these ambivalences is due to our faculty of comparison between two development systems that work differently.

· The long circuit, to which we give reason during conscious analyzes. It uses the structure of our feelings in correlation with the spirit, but re-examined and corrected by analyzes our, which are contained mainly in our frontal lobe of the neocortex.

· The short circuit, by which we react. This circuit uses the parts corresponding to the given context of the spirit constructed in our limbic brain in the fetal state and the feelings of the right lobe of the neocortex created carnally in childhood until adolescence.

That's why, even if the tonsil which is the RAM from which the pulse is given to setting short or long circuit of the brain, heart inconsistencies that come from our small brain of the heart, following the interpretation of our five senses by the contents of the tonsil present punctually, are the real engines of our carnal reactions. The limbic brain containing the basic spirit and the share of our right lobe attached to the management of the somewhat re-examined and corrected feelings, behave just as an hard drive feeding the random access memory.

Representation of the three main structures of our brains and the tonsil, which is carrier of the reactions selected when the short circuit in the brain

The tonsil

It is the cerebral structure that functions like the RAM memory of a computer, from which emerge the rapid and self-protective reactions, selected in the pre-programmed logics of the mind of the limbic brain and feelings of the neocortex, according to our emotional state in the contexts encountered. During the short circuit of the brain, it remains the only cerebral element carrying reactions.

One calls the second Limbic brain or from the Paleo-mammal.

It intervenes especially in the olfactory messages, affectivity and the emotion, but also the learning.

One calls primary brain reptilian or diencephalon.

It is the regulator of the vegetative life

Neocortex (Tertiary brain called from the Neo-mammal)

Seat of the language, logic and the abstraction

The right hemisphere, is especially the seat of the intuition, affectivity, the music, Art

- The frontal lobe is the seat of the most elaborate functions: thought, synthesis, creativity.

If Jesus had not achieved all the Jewish Law given by God to the Cross, we could thus say: “Alas, we know the problem but there does not exist any remedy, because the access to these spirits created in carnal dimension is inaccessible to replace them, in view of the fact that having been the subject of neuronal pruning which prohibit to us a real access to a programmed database, in relation to our genes”. It is however there that the miracle given by God through Jesus intervenes, by the baptism of the Holy Spirit (see the Effect Boomerang chapter 8 and the continuation). This baptism of the Holy Spirit is the opening to a new logic, initialization of our heart by “software" with a different base, offered to allow the reconstruction of our soul and our spirit. This "tool" is actually put in place to allow us to become aware of inconsistencies that we have just seen, but it is there also to help us, not to avoid the programming already carried out, but to erase it by means of a rewriting in the logic of God, that of the Eternal Life.

We will not take again here all the development of the two books that we present. It is however quite obvious that despite everything the share that God will be able to ask us to achieve ourselves in the repentance of the bad reaction, this repentance although essential, is humanly insufficient since this spirits registered in our limbic brain is inaccessible for us. Without external spiritual helper, nothing is therefore possible. Therefore, God does not take pleasure in the eternal dimension sin repentance, as He says in His word, and Jesus having accomplished everything Jewish law without sin, God offers us the "software" of the Holy Spirit, but only under the supervision of Jesus and no one else. God then expects of us, the deepest repentance, but that we capitulate to all our goodwill to us surpass ourselves, crying to him,, when in the exhaustion of all our goodwill and our presumptions, we realize that our sin is stronger than us.

A spirit can be indeed rewritten in no way, thanks to our conscious good will, since in our conscious actions it is conceived to be used covered by the action with neurons coming to moderate or encourage of it the action, and that they are there the only remaining neurons in relation to this stereotype of reactions that is the spirit. This is why the learning of the word of God is FUNDAMENTAL, but so insufficient as long as its management remains carnal. It is indeed not in the training that we can be renewed until in our limbic brain, but only by the PRACTICAL APPLICATION OF OUR FAITH which enables us to exceed these carnal spirits. Only this practical application of the faith led by the Spirit of God indeed makes it possible to exceed the spirit which leads us, because at the time when we will fall again into its error, it is Jesus who reveals to us the origin of it. He has overcoming any impure spirit and it is Him who makes us victorious, like we testify some in Boomerang Effect and France and God. For this reason, only faith is pleasing to God, since faith alone is capable of making us gradually take its nature.

It is obviously good to be informed of the word of God, but teaching will always enable us to only understand our errors in order to us repentance of our bad reactions in no conformity with the word of God, since it will be located only at the level of our cognitive maps of the neocortex. If it had been possible to us to reach and correct these spirits by the intervention of new cognitive maps without having to pass by the deep repentance of our faults and the rewriting of these spirits in the language of the Holy Spirit of God, all the work of Jesus to the Cross would have been useless and vain.

This is why as beautiful as is the baptism in the Holy Spirit received in the heart; it is only one opening to receive the baptism of fire. This fire which, calling into question after calling into question, fight after fight carried out against our bad reactions, gradually comes to renew our limbic brain and then allows a coherence between the “Small brain of the heart”, the limbic brain and the neocortex, i.e. between the Holy Spirit of God, our spirit and our soul.

Each Christian knows that God wants to have all place in our heart, this is why, each time a victory is gained in our limbic brain, the corresponding place in our “Small brain of the Heart” is released, leaving more and more place to the Holy Spirit of God. It is possible to realize that in the heart, the Holy Spirit is like a compressed file in a computer. At each of our victories with the help of the Spirit of God, it unzips itself gradually, bringing us a new perspective, both in intellect and heart.

Each time this unit becomes more coherent, we can thus note, filled with wonder, that our reactions became more in conformity with the biblical writings and the Love of our neighbor. Is no this the aim of each one and whole humanity? It is that; worship God in Spirit and in Truth!

If to the opposite, we do not act in our own repentance, therefore without possible replacement of the carnal spirit by the corresponding dimension of the Holy Spirit of God, such as acts a psychotherapist for example, it then gets what the Bible says to us in Mathew 12-43/45: When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walks through dry places, seeking rest, and finds none. Then he said, I will return into my house from where I came out; and when he is come, he finds it empty, swept, and garnished. Then goes he, and takes with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first. Even so shall it be also to this wicked generation.

Perhaps some will be offended in front of our assertion of the weakness of psychotherapy, because having found themselves much benefit after having followed psychotherapy, of which we do not doubt absolutely. If the psychotherapist uses a Christian way, it has then led the person to the advance in the repentance that we quoted at least as regards the soul in its whole.

In the contrary case, which is the most frequent, psychotherapy only to put a stop in the person to feel guilty to lead it to look at itself correct without to lead it to the repentance of the shares concerning its own psychological construction? It then makes put back these shares of error on the author of the circumstances, just like do a religious without the Spirit of God. It is obvious that with a charitable glance towards oneself, these known as errors appear generally quite tiny, and often extremely comprehensible humanly, but for the one who really wishes to enter fully the peace and the love of its next, there must remain ready with repentance of its share of error, so small is it. Let us look at for example with the suicide in which intervenes always or almost, a more or less large part of blackmail towards our “persecutors”, that they are called God or men. If the depression that led to the Final Act is replaced by the false accusation against the man or woman that we consider our persecutor, will we have made ​​a real step forward by replacing this spirit of depression by two other even more perverse?

That’s why; the person who has experienced this kind of psychotherapy must look to its own actions, especially the sentences it imposes on others since then. To be led by worse spirits does not mean that the anger we will pass example to the fury or murder, however, if hypocrisy, idolatry and seduction disguise the anger by example, and in addition, our condemnations becomes greater towards other human beings different from ourselves, to whom more and more will resemble us, to God or Satan? The important thing is not inevitably to become victorious from certain people or situations, but although this balance leads to interior Peace and the Love of its Neighbor.

We all remain today the Masters of our destiny; the faith is a wonder of discovery, never a fanaticism self-protective, this is why only the Love of others will remain. This Love is indeed the base of writing of another software that the one of our animal nature based on a self-centeredness held back by the fear, and even if today we can still work with the old one also, the day of coming into effect of the new, will be to the data-processing image to make work a computer with Windows XP, Vista or Linux, seven or eight, whereas it can do it only with MS-Dos.

Let us hope we aspire to the best!

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