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Chapter 8


The way of the nations

1) The first civic duty of the Christian

We will use in this chapter the various historical parallels that we saw to let's lead in a thought of which each one will draw what is appropriate to him according to his vocation. Our task is not to privilege a political party more than another, even if we inevitably will emphasize certain carnal characteristics of our various political regimes. We will remain attached to the widening of our glance on our world in unceasingly conflict, to the detriment of so much of lives crushed by misfortune, sometimes for glory, the richness or the domination a few peoples.

It is because we attach often much more importance to the collective conscience born from the genes of our ancestors and manage it according to a poor logic as old as Methuselah, than we fall down so easily in precepts other than those that we recognize as right in Jesus-Christ. We especially find it in policy, as we add to the Christian precepts the difficult management of a country always subjected to the outstanding ideas of the contradictors. This is why we will together make connection between our various policies and the Christian ideal so that each one preserves what seems to him good, beyond the left or right-wing policies.

The civic duty of the Christian is the first rules to which we should be all attached, beyond our bias and of any external influence. In my first years of conversion, having not acquired yet myself the understanding, I agree that lesson is right like certain Christian areas encourages not to be interested by: “The businesses of the world”. The Paul apostle speaks about it in the passages that we will read, but about which world speak does? (Ephesians 2-1/2) And to you did he give life, when you were dead through your wrongdoing and sins, In which you were living in the past, after the ways of this present world, doing the pleasure of the lord of the power of the air, the spirit who is now working in those who go against the purpose of God;// (2 Timothy 2-4/5) A fighting man, when he is with the army, keeps himself free from the business of this life so that he may be pleasing to him who has taken him into his army. And if a man takes part in a competition he does not get the crown if he has not kept the rules.//

It is always about the same world of covetousness after which our carnal heart can still run. If we on the other hand look at to the praises that Jesus made in connection with the behavior of the widow, for the two pitas that her gave in offering to God, whereas these two very small coins belonged to her necessary to survival, (see Mark 12-42/44) he did not reproach her badly for managing her house that she neglected by-there, quite to the contrary.

If thus to manage its house with the assistance of God, becomes a spiritual act, to work to manage its country with His assistance, becomes also a spiritual act. Contrary, the one who will act carnally in any management of its country will be reprehensible as it will be it for any other carnal act.

This is true for the political leaders, but the Christian ordinary citizen, have it right to be dissociated from the remainder of the nation in a country with democratic nature? We have the biblical example of all the important figures who did not separate themselves from the remainder of the nation, but they were assimilating themselves to the people in a general repentance, when God made the decision of a collective sanction because of the misdeeds sometimes of only one of them!

Perhaps some see in that only normality, knowing these men were being the “head” in report to the remainder of the nation? It was however not the case of certain prophets who for themselves were simply attached to their function. This attitude does not have thus to be adopted by the only reigning “head”, but well by each one, and particularly in our nations whose representatives are elected to universal suffrage.

If, as an human being, we want to be victorious of our own flesh, we must make live of advantage the share of the Spirit. It is exactly the same in a nation, but how that could it be made, if the one who believes itself to represent the Spirit, disdainfully move apart itself from the evolution from its universe of life, and does not assume the share of responsibility to him?

We saw how much all the unkind remarks addressed to the spiritual drivers were true for each one in Jesus-Christ, knowing that in Him we all are priests. Do you believe that it is different in a democratic nation? We indeed don't find in a democracy the only attachment of heart to the life and the progression of the nation, but a participation in whole share of each cell of this one to determine its “head”, therefore its policy. We can not agree with the opinions of this head without us to dissociate some for all that, because the solution lies rather in a better personal investment than in a denigration of the others.

It is indeed easy for us not to take account of our small ballot paper, to see even our abstention, which is still worse, not to carry with the others the weight of “our” collective faults. We then adopt the attitude that we denounced in the preceding chapter to make rebounds on water, because we dissociate ourselves from our head for better being able to criticize it. We can be French, American or Russian citizens; we are above all citizens of the Christian world with all responsibility that represents in front of God.

If we aspire to make the will of God in any field that it is, then wait us to have to give an opinion at least by our ballot paper. The Christians should not say like the others, “they are all similar, one's as bad as the other”. God knows the heart of each one, and knows where any man will lead the world. He is then good in all truth and humility of heart to trust God more than the man, even and especially in front of the one who would present in the form of an envoy of Jesus. It is not with the flowers but with the fruits that one recognizes the tree.

The abstention and the bias, are the principal weaknesses of the democracy, and give reason to the extremism. The first, the abstention is equal to half-heartedness in the faith, and the other, the bias equal to the refusal of the distinguishing of God to the profit of our carnal blindness. If we are not ready to follow God to put a ballot paper in the ballot box, and by some unhealthy remarks towards our leaders we condemn them in the integrity of their own feelings, aren't we then judges with the iniquitous thoughts? Better is worth to pray usefully for them, grateful that the larger the task is, and more difficult it is to accomplish it with integrity.

What prevents God from usefully guiding us in steps of this kind, is once again our facility to fall into the exaggeration from the carnal overflows which he wants to avoid us. How is it easy for us indeed, when we have the impression that God spoke in our hearts, to impose our perceptions on the others in a lack of respect of the man. It is by this skew that we are falling in the desires of the world, because we enter carnal rivalries coming then from this ancient software. If we refuse to follow God in the ways that He puts in our heart because we recognize ourselves only in ways of right or left, it is that we possibly prefer to sin than us to stand before God to make his will.

With these errors we could add inconstancy and opportunism, and it is right for this reason that in the simplicity of our heart we must recognize ourselves inapt in front of God for a right standpoint. We must always be ready to follow Him in all sincerity and humility, because nobody better than God can know the thought and the evolution of all elected person in front of the difficulties and temptations he will meet. This is why we must more trust to the Spirit of God than to the words or the expressed feelings. We already noticed it for the couple, also close relations we can be sentimentally one another, more our carnal presumptions are tall before the marriage, more we risk to be disillusioned very quickly. It is the same thing in policy.

For to him who has will be given, and from him who has not will be taken even what he seems to have. And put out the servant who is of no profit into the outer dark: there will be weeping and cries of sorrow.


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