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Continuation of the chapter 6

The Fruits of peace

2) The two baptisms

Individual Christian life takes shape really on two bases, when we are opening our heart to God, and when we take public stand. This differentiation of the personal bases can appear exaggerated at many sincere peoples, for whom one cannot go without the other, but they are actually quite distinct in their results. The first can lead to the approval of God who then turns over to the person the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the new birth, and the second conduit to the water baptism, in the desire of an authentication of commitment in front of the men.

There is not order for these two stages which are sometimes very distant one from the other, this is why we will start to look at the second, more known in our France with Christian majority.

The baptism of water, or repentance, is of course only one symbol of the Christian oath, but remain nevertheless fundamental commitment in front of God and the men, to accept the "death" of its carnal psychology for a "resurrection" in the logic of Love of one's neighbor in Jesus-Christ RESSUSCITE. (1 Peter 3-18/22) Because Christ once went through pain for sins, the upright one taking the place of sinners, so that through him we might come back to God; being put to death in the flesh, but given life in the Spirit;

By whom he went to the spirits in prison, preaching to those Who, in the days of Noah, went against God’s orders; but God in his mercy kept back the punishment, while Noah got ready the ark, in which a small number, that is to say eight persons, got salvation through water: And baptism, of which this is an image, now gives you salvation, not by washing clean the flesh, but by making you free from the sense of sin before God, through the coming again of Jesus Christ from the dead; Who has gone into heaven, and is at the right hand of God, angels and authorities and powers having been put under his rule.//

What will we then say on the topic of the baptism taken not as an commitment, but received in childhood without commitment of the person himself, like it is habit to do in certain Christian confessions?

It is undeniable that Jesus accepted the water baptism at the adulthood, but how He had been able to act differently, institution having been brought by Jean-Baptist for the entry of Jesus in his terrestrial ministry? We will thus not go into considerations of doctrines, even if these practices can lead to confusion between the presentation of the eighth day to the temple for the circumcision like it was the case of Jesus and when He took public stand by its baptism at the adulthood. We will thus say that "the circumcision of heart" requested by Jesus to any disciple, is an image identical to that of the baptism, and we will look at only to the importance of the baptism’s meaning, as we have just seen it is described by the Pierre apostle. It is indeed fundamental that any Christian is still conscious at the adulthood, of all the significance of this one, whether he received it in childhood or adulthood. Conversely, if he considers his commitment took by other people in unconscious conditions of him, like being not or having not been always for him in direct report with his right motivation, that he renews it in a fully conscious way this time.

The clear conscience required by God through the Pierre apostle, lies in the fact of accepting the look of the Spirit on ourselves, recognizing our carnal heart like unjust, which deludes us when we look within ours rights through this one. A baptism being a symbol, does not have thus to be taken a second time, if it were initially related to its true meaning and if it remains a fundamental dimension in the heart of the person itself. What would we say if not of those who, baptized in adulthood, are diverted themselves sometimes a time of God to return later towards him? Should they take a new baptism again? Should we also take again a new baptism each time we sin, like somebody who would have been put out and who would have no more this means to enter again?

God does not put the one out who comes to Him with a sincere heart and who is repenting of his faults, this is why it is so fundamental for parents who make baptize an infant, not to treat the spiritual step lightly that they engage on this human being on his behalf. It is not here a human precepts question, because if it is possible to dupe with impunity the men, God is witness of every thing. If the baptism is indeed the public commitment of the man to accept the process of renewal of the heart such as we have just defined it during these two last chapters, it thus becomes the public request addressed by the man to God to lead him in the works He has prepared in advance for this renewal. If the man does not hold his commitments, this does not concern God. He will hold his, even if He must make pass one and the other of the child and the parents by situations by which the men will be astonished without understand them.

The same goes for the one who commits himself with casualness in this process considered to be banal for much. Banal because not perceptible physically, but considered by majority of those as a correct thought intellectual approach to which it is generally wise to give reason. This attitude generally leads to a carnal humanism whose human motivations very often flout the fundamental rules, and whose glory of the result is thus allocated to the carnal man so Satan rather than to God.

Others are even more foolish than these latter and they think are clever to come in water of the baptism, led by impure reasons of any profit. What these unhappy does not know, it is how much Satan rubs one's hands of what they are considered themselves crafty ones, because this cunning led Judas Iscariot to sell Jesus for thirty silver coins, before going to hang oneself. The important thing is not indeed to be baptized of water to give pleasure to a relative, a friend or to be able to say oneself Christian to extract a vast number of advantages, but well rather to do it in the most total dimension of the true commitment. It is almost a survival question, because the sword of the Spirit that is the word of God is a weapon with double edge, it releases the heart if it is used correctly, or destroys it by misleading appearances in any other attitude of heart. God accepts any sinner which is repent, but in waiting of this repentance let us not be surprised that Satan, the enemy of our souls, all the more takes his rights that a commitment was undertaken, even if it acted only of one mock of commitment.

Between bracket, some will be perhaps astonished that I so often speak about Satan, because much believe in Jesus, but think Satan is only one delirious imagination, to see for some rather funny. Those there are not afraid of him because they do not believe in his existence, and are unconscious of his capacity on the souls, therefore from what awaits them. His art is indeed to imply that he does not exist or that are only funniness to frighten the old ladies. As for me I am not afraid of him, because I know that the one who is in me is higher than him, even if I also know to have to respect him without to give him reason. Jesus spoke to us thus about him in (John 8-42/45) Jesus said to them, If God was your Father you would have love for me, because it was from God I came and am here. I did not come of myself, but he sent me.

Why are my words not clear to you? It is because your ears are shut to my teaching.

You are the children of your father the Evil One and it is your pleasure to do his desires. From the first he was a taker of life; and he did not go in the true way because there is no true thing in him. When he says what is false, it is natural to him, for he is false and the father of what is false. But because I say what is true, you have no belief in me.//

Those who place really God and his only son at the first place, do not have to be afraid of the demon, but those who don't have faith in God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit should be particularly frightened, because even if they refuse to believe in Satan it is to him that they pay their tribute. If God gives free, it is never his case. He can give like coming from the "sky" since spiritual in the carnal spirit, whereas it is to recapture better, to steal better. This is why the one who lavishes or receives benefits of health of the body through "supernatural talents", must always test if those glorify Jesus or anyone other. Attention however not to reject the divine recovery which glorifies God and not the men, as I was sometimes witness. It is however necessary to remain vigilant to check if the talents increase the men or the women having them like coming from themselves, to see of a practice or prayers learned. If it is the case, danger! The prince of this world can give, but he can recapture better again on another side.

There is a thing that he does not like however; it is that God can teach man. Not the man about God by any intellectual dimension; that he controls it relatively well, but God Himself teaching the person by the Holy Spirit of God speaking and answering to the spirit of the man.

That brings back us directly to the first base that we had put aside about the opening of heart towards God, key of the second baptism, the one of the Holy Spirit.

We have already broached the subject several times, and in particular in the first chapter. I for myself was touched by the Grace of God by the baptism of the Holy Spirit, at the moment even where I recognized the absolute necessity to follow the precepts taught by Jesus, that I can not differentiate yet from the extraterrestrial one. We will not enlarge on my case which does not have anything exceptional, because God knows that numerous are those which must persevere longer than me to receive from Jesus this dimension so invaluable than is the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

We will let leave at more general circumstances, often located just before or just after the baptism, as it is reported to us in (Acts 1-1/9) I have given an earlier account, O Theophilus, of all the things which Jesus did, and of his teaching from the first, till the day when he was taken up to heaven after he had given his orders, through the Holy Spirit, to the Apostles of whom he had made selection: And to whom he gave clear and certain signs that he was living, after his death; for he was seen by them for forty days, and gave them teaching about the kingdom of God:

And when they were all together, with him, he gave them orders not to go away from Jerusalem, but to keep there, waiting till the word of the Father was put into effect, of which, he said, I have given you knowledge: For the baptism of John was with water, but you will have baptism with the Holy Spirit, after a little time.

So, when they were together, they said to him, Lord, will you at this time give back the kingdom to Israel?

And he said to them, it is not for you to have knowledge of the time and the order of events, which the Father has kept in his control.

But you will have power, when the Holy Spirit has come on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.

And when he had said these things, while they were looking, he was taken up, and went from their view into a cloud.//

This power, this other baptism, is the dimension about which Jesus spoke, as being "New Birth", when He addressed to Nicodemus the Pharisee 1, chief of the Jews, as we have read (see John 3-1/10).

1) Pharisee: Jewish party which was stressing the respect of the rites and the ceremonies. They were claiming to be more pious than the others and were separating themselves from the people. They were believing in the immortality of the heart, the resurrection of the body, and the existence of the angels and the demons.

Until Jesus, only the forgiveness of the sins, according to rules' imposed by God, were salutary for the rest of the soul. Since His advent, and especially its resurrection, and His Rise close to God, He prepares his reign with those whom repent and are renewed in Him. Each one of those who ask this other baptism with sincere heart to him, not to make the will of their flesh, but this of the Spirit of God, receive this power which is quoted otherwise like the comforter, the Spirit of truth. It is through the person of the Holy Spirit in our heart that God, Father and Son, comes to make his residence in we who become by there the temple of the Holy Spirit. Like an approval in return of our commitment, Jesus then equips us with this "force" to effectively face the combat that we have to carry out against this flesh, according to which we react.

This force, appeared for the apostles, ten days after the Rise of Jesus near the Father, at the time of Pentecost. It is accessible to any sincere person towards God, recognizing publicly Jesus like Seigneur and Sons of God, and ready to follow Him beyond any understanding. The apostles had been informed by Jesus that they would receive one day of Him this power, without knowing what it would be, contrary to me at the time of my baptism of the Holy Spirit for which I knew the day and knew that would change drastically my life, but unaware of that would come from God.

He acts like He wishes it with each one, knowing us better than ourselves. (Acts 2-1/13) And when the day of Pentecost was come, they were all together in one place.

And suddenly there came from heaven a sound like the rushing of a violent wind, and all the house where they were was full of it. And they saw tongues, like flames of fire, coming to rest on every one of them. And they were all full of the Holy Spirit, and were talking in different languages, as the Spirit gave them power.

Now there were living at Jerusalem, Jews, God-fearing men, from every nation under heaven. And when this sound came to their ears, they all came together, and were greatly surprised because every man was hearing the words of the disciples in his special language.

And they were full of wonder and said, Are not all these men Galileans?

And how is it that every one of us is hearing their words in the language that was ours from our birth? Men of Parthia, Media, and Elam, and those living in Mesopotamia, in Judaea and Cappadocia, in Pontus and Asia, In Phrygia and Pamphylia, in Egypt and the parts of Libya about Cyrene, and those who have come from Rome, Jews by birth and others who have become Jews, Men of Crete and Arabia, to all of us they are talking in our different languages, of the great works of God.

And they were all surprised and in doubt saying to one another, What is the reason of this?

But others, making sport of them, said, They are full of new wine.//

Those who would have observed me could have also believed me filled with new wine. To the reverse of the disciples, I did not let myself however not go to pronounce these words that I was going not to understand, awaiting me myself not to God. Words that later were coming back to me unceasingly, and that one day the Holy Spirit revealed me. In another "language", I was saying "Glory to God".

Such experiments can appear not very credible with some, because sometimes demonized by people badly taught or too obtuse to admit this phenomenon. The baptism in the Holy Spirit is indeed, except exception, accompanied by spoken in language that allows like says it the Paul apostle to be edify oneself. (1 Corinthians 14-2/4) For he who makes use of tongues is not talking to men but to God; because no one has the sense of what he is saying; but in the Spirit he is talking of secret things.

But the word of the prophet gives men knowledge and comfort and strength. He who makes use of tongues may do good to himself; but he who gives the prophet’s word does good to the church.//

This dimension of the Holy Spirit thus makes it possible to dialogue with the Spirit of God, our carnal psychology not perceiving the image of it, the dialogue being placed on the level of the subconscious. By this dimension of the spirit (ours) towards the Spirit (his), a pure dialogue, because devoid of bad images, can be thus established in a not interpretable dimension by our intellect. This is how I heard one day a brother in Christ, to pray to God in Russian. I still somewhat spoke it at the time, but him, although he never learned it, expressed himself much better than me without having himself comprehension of he was saying.

I do not want to say the one who wants to learn Russian, must convert himself. If it were thus, each one would like to undoubtedly receive this power, "to benefit from it", whereas God wants to bless us beyond a simple profit. Any form of interest or carnal reasoning, if small is it, is being indeed a handicap to receive from God this miraculous blessing. God appears still nowadays by many miracles, and this baptism of the Holy Spirit is undoubtedly included in them.

It is not expressed by large signs with the eyes of the men, but larger perhaps than no one another miracle, it is achieved in the secrecy of the heart. It is what Jesus with called "the New Birth", since it acts of an initialization making it possible to rewrite our logic in another language, that of the Love of its Next. It is not expressed by large signs to the eyes of the men, but it is perhaps larger than all another miracle, because it is achieved in the secrecy of the heart. It is that Jesus called "the New Birth", since it acts as an initialization making it possible to rewrite our logic in another language, the one of the Love of its Next.

From its working by equivalences of values, the flesh always seeks the glory, to increase his standing in the eyes others, by the adoption of precepts that it just recognizes by comparison of image. This is why the one who receives the baptism of the Holy Spirit should not have ideas preconceived, on the way by which God wants to do pass him, and simply to rely on the Holy Spirit to let oneself lead. We already read it in the first chapter, “The wind goes where its pleasure takes it, and the sound of it comes to your ears, but you are unable to say where it comes from and where it goes: so it is with everyone whose birth is from the Spirit.”

It is then that, passing time and teaching, a certain paradox will not fail to be established. If it is essential indeed to give reason to the rules laid down by God in order to be able to live them daily, it is not because we their consciously agree that they are rewritten hundred percent in this logic just been born, rather than in the old one of the flesh. Nothing can indeed lie in this new logical, without there being had victory over the old one under living conditions of a value identical to those which had created us initially. If we remain true and sincere, we can perceive in what logic our heart was rewritten, only in spontaneous reactions of the everyday life, because our intellect has not time to intervene, and we are subjected to the only transformation of the heart already carried out, to lead us in just or not behavior. If we are fallen back in the error we have then any more than repentance, that we are one year old, ten years or fifty years of Christian life. Better is indeed to run the risk to be rejected like unsuitable from our environment, rather than to lose our own TRUTH that God will be able to transform if we remain SINCERE and FAITHFUL towards Him.

The one who doesn't act thus lapses very quickly into a life from attitudes and not from lived personal. His soul recognizing the validity of what pass on the Spirit of God, then adopts in his flesh the behaviors as his own truth, feeling the effect of not to be correct if he lets certain errors of personal constructions filter through.

This attitude is unfortunately frequent, with the one who receives the Holy Spirit and gives carnally reason to his new environment. He then adopts many new behaviors like good attitudes to which he would have always given reason, but these being managed by his old logic, produce in him only one appearance of holiness in conformity with the human spirit can conceive as balanced or of extremist. The one who received the baptism of the Spirit must thus be vigilant to remain entirely sincere and true, and to keep ALWAYS his free will whatever his environment.

God wants to change any hidden share of the soul and not the external attitude by a uniformity defined by the man and a press-ganging of the spirit that Jesus fought on ground. He wants that we can use all the potential that He put in us, which is deformed by circumstances related to this logic of "taming" that Satan dominates. These deformations about which we spoke in the preceding chapter, represented by this river and the bridges which could span it with all the various explosions which could have caused so much and so much damages. With our agreement, God wants to use us participative to his Glory by educating us, while in parallel He grows our faith in him. He does not want simply to cover the crack of a bridge; with a decoy that gives us an appearance of love towards our alone environment like is a change of external attitude. He wants to allow us "to dismantle" stone by stone and in the order that He alone knows, each carnal bridge not easily usable whose our bad images arise. It does not go solely besides from the errors that each one can recognize like error, such the robbery, murder or any other feeling bad, but also those which we can sometimes regard as best such the generosity or tolerance. If generosity that we practice increases our standing in our eyes for example or if our tolerance makes us accept the sin, rather than to lead us to the compassion of the one who makes this error, because already judged, then these finer feelings are carnal, thus demonic.

The will of God is to burn all this leaven which puffed up us pride and temerity, and gives to us the impression sometimes we are God himself. This is why John the Baptist said to us speaking about Jesus, (Matthew 3-11) Truly, I give baptism with water to those of you whose hearts are changed; but he who comes after me is greater than I, whose shoes I am not good enough to take up: he will give you baptism with the Holy Spirit and with fire.//

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