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Continuation of the chapter 6

The Fruits of peace

4) Interest of the good fight

Now that we described the interest of this baptism of fire, we will somewhat develop the protocol of entry in this constructive phase.

If for my part, some one had said to me before my conversion “I did not know happiness”, I would have stood up to him taking him for foolish. Today, and a little more each day, this deep happiness that I did not know, does not cease increasing in me. I had however received a shower of happiness which had made me cry and laugh at the same time this first night, at the time of my Baptism of the Holy Spirit, but it is better after these many years than at the first day, because lived in a serenity which was hitherto unknown for me.

I had certainly ups and downs as it is for each one, but downs were never too low in to make me fall, because He is the comforter, quite as the ups were, I hope for it, never enough heights to bring down me in the pride, because He is the Spirit of the truth.

This is what is wonderful to live God day-to-day, and to see Him to accomplish his work in we with Love and we to drive progressively to our own renewal.

It is necessary to know that spiritual field is marvelous for the one who searches the beneficial effects of God in himself with sincerity and uprightness and who wants to be led by the Holy Spirit beyond the precepts in which he can simply give reason, in all TRUTH of heart therefore.

Luke's text 10 allowed us to see that the one who will have come into the communion of God by the Holy Spirit, will really be able to lead a battle of authority on evil minds, at least for his own person, to make die her "flesh" and the "guides" who are linked to it. The repose of soul being on this condition, it is therefore definitely in it that we must crave.

So that there is fight, it is necessary that there is engagement, and so that there is engagement, it is necessary that there is conviction. This one is given to us by the Holy Spirit, but also by our approval to follow it. We could say that it is all the difficulty there of living fully with God, because a share of our teaching intervenes inevitably. A personal “learning” to recognize the difference in us of what is communicated by the Holy Spirit or which is resulting from our intellect is thus essential in all the small things of the life, during a more or less long time after the baptism of the Holy Spirit. This personal learning accompanied of course by the one of the word of God within a church in which the Holy Spirit, is taught will be done by experiments lived by means of we will let ourselves used the guide of the Holy Spirit, rather than our old logic. These small things will have the advantage of making grow our faith because of the results which we will appear already miraculous for much, and we will especially prepare to recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit in us, in order to allow us to accomplish some larger. It will not be yet necessarily the baptism of fire, but it will be already the practice that will lead to it. It will be there all the results which we can expect during the period about which Luc 13-6/9 speaks to us that we have just read, who gives well a report on lapse of time between the plantation of the fig tree which is the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the harvest of the fruits born of the Spirit of God in our new logical.

Only the practical application of our faith led by the Holy Spirit of God with patience and wisdom makes it possible to enter good dimension, where the miracles of God can be lived from day to day in our heart.

It will then not be a question of having simply to give reason to a new or last teaching, but of being found victorious of contrary spontaneous reactions to the word of God whom we therefore reject intellectually.

We already spoke about it in the preceding chapters, but it is worth that we returned there somewhat.

In the example that we had taken of a bad stone on a bridge, God acts such surgeon. He takes time to prepare us with the replacement of each one of them with softness, although they are often firmly implanted in our understandings. To the moment of “operation”, a little as to the dentist, even if it seems to us sometimes that death would be preferable to the life, we find oneself much more quickly recover from it, that it did not take us time to go down. Contrary to a religious attitude, which arrives and wants all to shave of a blow, God who has got really Love, takes time to create in us the understanding necessary, and grain of sand after grain of sand, just like He knows the number of our hair, He does a work of surgeon, even on heavy and robust bridge of stone.

God knows what leads us to reactions opposite with our understanding, and which is placed in our subconscious, our spirit.  These are often there the sufferings lived in childhood, which were isolated with adolescence in the part of our brain related to the reflexes from survival. It will be generally only one very stupid thing, as for example each time we would have liked to kiss our father with the return of his work, to throw one's arms around neck of him and to be delighted together… There, always the same thing, discords, cries, for others alcohol… In the deep distress which was created in us, we then took the bather or the teddy sitting on the bed, and typed we to him inside as for better saying to this father: “Dad I love you, thus listens to me…! ” And bang! And bang! A punch, and another… Then it had become almost a play…

The years passed, this reaction fell to the oubliettes but continuous to lead us exactly in the same way in as well “as adult”. It is often so small things as God wants to reveal us, because He was present at the time of these childhood sufferings. He knows these are this small misfortunes, and sometimes much larger, which in addition to coming to impress our brain structured in order to forget the origin of these sufferings, pave the way for our soul with feelings or carnal spirits, such as resentment, the violence and many others.

The motives of God is therefore to make us victorious of this wretched carnal spirit who incites us externally on the level of the heart, while making to us firstly victorious on the level of our spirit, our subconscious, in a dimension similar to that which had given rights to this impure spirit to reside in our heart.

It is absurd, but many lives are wasted because of also small things. Our father sometimes ceased since years making us suffer and yet violence remained. With each time we are afraid to be forsaken in some other context that it is, we reproduce the same thing. We have certainly grown, we even think to be adults, but while going along, when the injustice comes or when a motorist annoys us or… How much “or” should we write since each case is particular???

The situation is a little the same one for Jesus as for a sporting trainer, whose happiness is in the victory of his team or his sportsman. If he is man, we can imagine that he somewhat does it for his personal glory, but Jesus resides in an integrity that does not exist on earth.

He is the one who already achieved all for us, and we act without Him. He is the one on whom we spit and He is not avenged. Like He did yesterday, He starts again it today, once, twice hundred times per day if He is needed and without reproaches. To the slightest better he encourages us, to the slightest failing He is there again to support us, to the slightest moaning, the suffering masked by an excess of violence, He pamper us.

Let me tell you a little story on this subject: Jesus said that He would be every day with us. A charming young girl arrives in front of “Saint-Peter”, who lets her enter in the paradise in order to make her movie of his life. Arrive a moment, where she can still see herself sad, the heart in sorrow, to go on the wet sand of a long beach, but sees only one trace behind her on sand. On a reproachful tone, she turns then to Jesus, and says to Him “Hey! Lord, naturally that I was sad, the lost soul this day, how been you able to give up me thus”?

In a smile, Jesus answers her then: It is me who carried you!

The victory also passes by there. In all humility, Jesus must has accept the assistance of a man, Simon of Cyrene, to carry the cross on which they went crucify Him. Looking at all the miracles that God expressed through Jesus-Christ, do you believe so heavy was this cross, it had been impossible for God to make it lighter to Jesus for better expressing His power?  Is this more difficult to carry a cross or to say to a dead person, you rise and walk?

All in the life of Jesus is a marvel of precision, and brings to us the aspiration of living led by the Holy Spirit and not by our power or our human strength, but most marvelous is however for after the victory over the carnal spirit. Yes for afterwards! When a champion passes to lead the finishing line, if he must renew its exploit ad infinitum, he is some then unable. Unlike that, when Jesus released from a sin, the victory is acquired and multiplies; it is the amazing thing about this experience.

We speak obviously about the end result of the victories to obtain and not situations in which God works our heart and requires of us to abstain from this violence. All in us will be then claim with violence each time a thing makes us suffer. This suffering being then unbearable, we sometimes “will beat to we with him in our prayers”, when he asks us to repent us.  We will always come up with a good excuse carnal that justify this violence, the others deserving it well.

The victory over these attitudes will come sometimes quickly, but will often require much time and to see even more. One day will come however where full of goodwill we will start be sorry of it. First victory, Nth relapse, and the process will start again, once forgiveness, twice forgiveness, fifty times forgiveness, it will be always no good. We turning then towards Jesus, we will tell Him “Lord, I cannot, I see well that it would be better for me, but I cannot… Lord, gives me the desire to do it and forces to achieve it, because I believe it good for me, but I cannot it”.

Nothing indeed is obtained without real repentance, but in joy of knowing oneself forgiven of him, in a whole confidence He will make us victorious and not ourselves. It will especially not be for us an easy solution, but quite to the contrary in the total admission of our incapacity to put into practice what we recognize good. This is why we can once again quote the Paul Apostle who says to us in (Romans 7-14/20) For we are conscious that the law is of the spirit; but I am of the flesh, given into the power of sin. And I have no clear knowledge of what I am doing, for that which I have a mind to do, I do not, but what I have hate for, that I do. But, if I do that which I have no mind to do, I am in agreement with the law that the law is good. So it is no longer I who do it, but the sin living in me.

For I am conscious that in me, that is, in my flesh, there is nothing good: I have the mind but not the power to do what is right. For the good which I have a mind to do, I do not: but the evil which I have no mind to do, that I do.

But if I do what I have no mind to do, it is no longer I who do it, but the sin living in me.//

Like Simon de Cyrene carried the cross of Jesus, Jesus will then carry ours. Once forgiveness, twice forgiveness, three times, and there… Yes there! At the time when once again we will be about to repeat this eternal error, a light will appear in us like a flash, comprehension will be instantaneous and to that we will say: “NOT”!

It will be the day when God in his divine mercy, will have revealed us the source of our error and will have given us to be victorious of it in the same dimension as initially. The sin will not have been made, and we will have said: NOT! The carnal spirit that encouraged us with this violence as well in our heart as in our spirit will be overcome. He guided us towards the error since the day when, in all bitterness to be to us felt forsaken by this dad that we like so much, we had begun to hit in this large teddy which represented better our father.

This time, God enlightened us; the victory came. We did not let ourselves to reproduce the same behavior. Five minutes after a reckless driver cuts us the road: To our greater surprise, contrary to all our practices, a simple shaking of head, then this personal interpellation. “Strange? I did not put myself in anger! ”

Another circumstance arises, even reaction, a third, a fourth, “right, OK”, but as paradoxical as this can show to us, we did not enter in violence. It's like that, Jesus gives us to be victorious from our bad “instigators”, and then we can become admirers external of our own changes.

In addition to the forgiveness of our sins, Jesus gives the capacity indeed not to sin more to the one who wants to follow it with sincerity and truth. God does not take pleasure with an eternal dimension of the sin, repentance, sin and repentance. He wants to lead us to the victory that he gained Himself for us, and not in masking what exists already by a carnal spirit better refined, but by giving us the authority over that who fool us and badgers us.

Some temptations will come in the days or following weeks, like testing us, but those we will appear almost simple, like external to ourselves. If we their do not agree them, undoubtedly we will still not agree to be rejected like a normal thing, but our suffering will reach never again its old limits which tortured us previously. Our impulses towards the others, impossible in the past, will be crowned with success in any other part of our life where this violence made us weak, whereas we were considered strong to be violent one. We will be each day filled with wonder by the things of God, and we will understand also how much conflicts parents children pass unperceived from all, but build us however.

The marvelous one and the supernatural one is to discover how much this instigator takes us for granted in the other parts of our life, whereas we had given him reason in so few things to our eyes. Through our carnal logic built by the suffering, Satan is the one who extirpates us the reactions that destroy us.

As we looked at there are some pages, Jesus, born from God, from the womb of his mother, did not have this old software from the flesh to make die as we have to do it ourselves. To be found without spots, He however had to preserve it virgin. The least of all the smallest sins that He had been able to do, would have, if not, given rights to Satan to claim him to God in death. If He thus had given in to temptation by the least of the smallest transgressions of the Jewish law than God gave to Moses, He would not have been without spot in His soul. We would not profit either in him today, of all the potential of purification of our soul.

Did this prevent him however from passing by this reference system which is the flesh? Absolutely not! He kept in all fields His free will, to take or not the right way, giving reason to the Spirit of God or the balance of power that is the flesh. Except for His mission of having to remain pure, in report of ours which is to purify us, His task was hundred percent identical to ours, and its possibilities of passing by the reference of the flesh or the Spirit was also with hundred percent the same ones. This is why He says “I come oh God, to make your will”. This thus brought back to us, made that, even with the baptism of the Holy Spirit, we keep our free will to use or not the guide of our flesh or the Holy Spirit.

This power, this channel of waves could we say, if we compare it to television or radio wave, is therefore only one free access which we can always circumvent. This is why it is simple to use the Holy Spirit in serene and well thought out analysis, out of any scuffle, compared to what our flesh can consider just. The thing on the other hand, strongly becomes complicated when we choose to remain TRUE, and that our flesh highlights spontaneously our bad human nature during unexpected confrontations, related on the hubbub of the life and the reflex conditions it generates.

This is why, we need to emerge winner, to be renewed by God to the image of what we have read at the beginning of this chapter “I will put my laws in their heart and I will write them in their intelligence”.

The mechanism that occurs in us at this moment from victory undoubtedly becomes clear for much. The Holy Spirit having taken possession of the share of our heart that was still under the supervision of Satan by this “sin”, puts firstly a little more of the laws of God in our heart. Secondly: At the moment when we said no to the behavior not in accordance with the Law of God, this share of old logic still written in our subconscious is erased to be rewritten in this new language of the Spirit of God.

His laws are then written in our intelligence, but what glory gets us in return then? None! Because we capitulated to accomplish by ourselves, led by this carnal share which justified certain bad attitudes of heart, God came and has achieves it for us, in us, but often also physically. This is why we become more and more of the spectators filled with wonder by His miracles, because this baptism of fire of our old logic creates in us this deep desire, this dynamics of more God in us, but also more Love of our Next! To Him is all Glory!

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