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Continuation of the chapter 5

The flesh, the war!

The couple, groups and nations

We hitherto spoke about the individual and now will extend our meditations at the group's dimension, which they are couples or nations.

God "gave" the woman to the man and asked her to be submitted to this one. Does that want to say that the man will have on her, all the rights whom he will consider good and in any way, she will not have right to speak? This interpretation was and remains too often preached by religions egocentric and misogynous which cannot even see that, physically weaker the woman must be protected. Instead of leading the man to support her, to cherish her and to be subjected to her himself while knowing to take account voluntarily of her needs with equity, that led to the abuses, made in the name of God, of the man on the woman.

If the man takes account only of him, without submit himself to his wife, to know her needs, what does he make of good in front of God? Didn't Jesus give his own life, for the forgiveness of our sins? In other words of His "Wife"! This Wife that we all are if we follow Him, and of whom we will speak again.

If He has showed the example to those who want to follow Him, why can't we do it? Once again the cause is in the bad image that we have of the man in our flesh, the tall one, the beautiful one, the strong one who is not easily taken in by anybody. The image remains of "the MAN" in a collective memory, the hefty strong man who dominates firstly over his wife. This one will be perhaps stupid and conceited, but the important thing being to survive whatever the cost, a form of prostitution can take old easily in the couple.

In this collective memory from ancient times, we find there our: US! The one we want to appear, for ourselves and the image which we "must" give from ourselves in order to be listened and followed. If we look towards the collective memory of our society, there is in it the man's idolatry, just like in the settlement of the monarchy by God, or a typical French memory: "Our revolutionary character", this glory to have overcome the monarchy by divine right.

We already answered these two points, one in keeping with the settlement of the monarchy, the second in keeping with our revolutionary character and 1789. However let us examine the carnal behavior of this king, for the defense of the people.

Rather than to lose a minimum of his feudality, this king of the French who was Louis XVI, had indeed preferred to make shoot by his sidekicks and their army on the people, the "body" of which he was at the "head". Did the life of his subjects had less importance than his? This king had confused what many confuses, his duties and his rights. Did his position of leader, give him rights on the men whom he led or he did not bring duties rather to him? The duty to behave well for best of all. Never let us forget indeed that our position of man never gives us any rights on the human, but many duties with respect to those whom surround us. To go as far as deducing from that the execution of Louis XVI was right, we cannot cross this step. Was that quite necessary, what's more? It is all the problem of the revolutions which lead at the same time the individuals to reprehensible individual acts, called sins, just like they even more easily bring a whole people to wretched exactions, legitimated by collective behaviors which are called as much sins. We have already noted it in the chapter "the revolutions", nothing does not highlight  truly good from revolutions. They produce the reversal of the privileges and generate counter-revolutions at least equal to what existed previously.

We may rightfully ask ourselves which collective feeling brought really the execution of Louis XVI to the French people, apart from the image absurdity which remains us, to make our revolutionary character a glorious cause? It led some of them to remove, what represented for the people of then, this share of the king god to control on him, and in direct consequence, the refusal to let himself lead by true God. There's however a very great part of the French people for whom it was not thus, as we had noticed in the preceding chapter, because being themselves kept apart from the principal revolutionary torments.

French revolution, although of communist nature mainly from 1792 to 1794, did not destroy the image of God who remained, as opposed to what 1917 produced in Russia. It however made it possible to the people to free himself from the image of the human monarchy like representation of God, therefore from the good. This is why, we will further see it, even if the errors remain the errors and must be treated like such, as numerous as they are, 1789 can be now turned over to our advantage if we treat the incidences in good manners. It is enough however to compare the evolution of the three countries of which we spoke, England, France and Russia, to realize that the more time of carnal feudality lasted, and more it created bloody extremism, and an explosion of violence.

The same goes for the individual like of the people, the one who refuses to face the conflict by fears, timidity or idolatry of the other, will firstly not settle it in the dialogue, but will be often pushed to regulate it in excesses. Through connection between these various personal or collective examples, that confirms that peoples are built and act psychologically with the image even of the individual. The bases of values we stoop to flout, through what we undergo, will have the same impact on the behavior of an individual as on that of peoples, even if the incidence is more durable on peoples because the diversity of his cells and its lifespan. If the revolution of 1789 had been avoided in its exterminating part, perhaps it would not have had introduction of this base of revolutionary value a little absurd still today within French people.

Just like a man can perceive the identity he considers as being his through bad acts, a majority of French people recognizes himself through revolutionary acts, than he however reproves easily in the others. Isn't this often "their" position? A little as human is composed of cells, which are merged between them to give a body, peoples are composed of humans which are assembled between them, to form a nation. This is why the breach of Louis XVI was at least equal to that of the people, just like the head does not destroy the body just because it is hot, cold or hunger, he would not have to have such a carnal reaction with assembling a coalition against his people, to preserve abusive privileges.

It is one of the reasons which pushed God at saying to Samuel the prophet, as we saw in the chapter three, that it was Him whom His people rejected, when, in the time of the judges, this one had required a human king instead of him. The man fights to acquire or preserve privileges, whereas God is the absolute integrity. God thus does not want greater men than others, at least in their attitudes of heart towards their similar. The man led by his flesh chooses firstly the image of the great man, according to the greatness that he reveres, to assimilated himself to the one in whom he finds a personal glory. The image which it then imposes of the "submitting" becomes more a form of serfdom, being able to go until a form of prostitution. This is why the idolatry of the greatest, involves the constraint of the others. A serfdom anyway is not due to the only fact of the leader, but well of the whole of the subjects who  become in an habitual  and voluntary lowering to the profit of the one they put above them.

In moments of crisis, this need to satisfy the more or less carnal share of a people, allows manipulators inspired by their Master and not by God, to give as pretext to raise crowd, saying the paradise will exist on ground after. These men, entirely led by demons, do not have shame to act in the name of God, like exterminating angels of million other "bad". The weakest and the least close to God, to let themselves be persuaded, as individually we can let ourselves dominate by a bad incentive of the spirit, or a good exhortation of the Spirit.

Various theses, more pompous the ones than the others, will then be justified. In the utopian or fundamentalist governments the human nature of each one will thus be raised to that of the Spirit of God, and to the opposite, so close that is the dictatorship, the nature of only one is raised to that of God. In the governments from utopian or fundamentalist nature each one tries to institute the "terrestrial paradise", celestial Jerusalem, with "his" way, to silence God to the profit of a man party, whereas the presumptuous dictator seeks to establish it with "SA" way, by enhancing himself to the top of God. The mode of action remains identical, by lowering of the Glory of God on a level lower than that of the human one. One and the other of these types of government creates a structure in which the party or the dictator puts himself instead of God, like devil so well acts. All is submitted to God, the Head, and all is like sprinkled with God, such "theocracy" of God. And even if God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit, these kind of governments do not take any notice of it. They are themselves putting alone to the head of all and all persons, and just like God knows all, sees all and hears all, these simple men want all to know, all to see and all to hear, but especially all to manage and all to dominate. This is why we must learn a lesson from what Jesus bequeathed us, by "submission one another" (Ephesians 5:21). In which democratic system, can we be in submission more one another? The republic!

Contrary to monarchy, even parliamentary, the republic elects a president who, according to the constitution, becomes again an ordinary citizen at the end of his mandate. Even if he is a little put aside during a time, there is not there a final situation, which more or less scleroses the spirit of the one whom the title is assigned as of its more tender childhood. Human must remain with its human dimension to remain balanced, but the kings do not have any more the right to be it. They are condemned to live like looked and admired examples, but at the first false move, they are only that vile individuals about of whom everyone speaks. Just like a caged men, surrounded of lions. Their true human misery, is perhaps not to have right to this statute of man, and it is what we will remember before all things for their defense.

In certain Christian background the doubt remains however on the will of God to preserve theocracies, rather than to introduce democracies. We will thus not going into theological debates, but will remain attached to the defense of the alone words of Jesus to love us, therefore to remain subjected one another. We will notice thus if God let the monarchy be established against his will during so many centuries as we saw, and if it is the same for the democracy, that leave yet for us much time to come in repentance.

We will not go further for the time being as regards the carnal behavior from the nations, the important thing is to have somewhat penetrated to the heart of the problem, by making the connection between the individual or collective soul. Thus, that we will see in the next chapter, as being good for the man, will be good for the nation. The flesh as for it, will reproduce eternally only what it knew and by which it "was domesticated". If the man were really without God, he would not have another alternative, and this is why we find in our culture, saying kind "the leopard can't change its spots". If we did not have other alternative in front of our carnal dimension, we would undoubtedly have reason to be pessimistic. It is not inevitably thus, and this is that we will see in the next chapter.

Before approaching the advantages that God offers to us, let us look at summarily what contributes to the unsound construction of our psychology carnal and continuous to dominate our reactions, even after having to deeply give reason to the will of God. We all can note indeed that some of our reactions can remain occulted by intellect when we have a sufficient response time to utilize our reasoning, it is not same thing in the reflex reactions related to our subconscious. In the action, we are thus able to make evolve our naturalness, but faced with spontaneous reactions, it appear again like the spots of the leopard.

This is almost mathematical, biblical, because our carnal psychology is conditioned by the spirit, in opposition to the Spirit, with a capital "S", who is the Holy Spirit of God. This is not problem of intelligence thus, aptitudes or any other possible differentiation about human, but really our nature even. We are doubtless the most advanced beings of the "animal" reign on the earth. We possibly  have gone beyond it just a little, in the extent where God allowed us as of creation to reign on them, and we are created in his image. However, the limits of our psychology are never educated in the joys and happiness, driving force of much of presumptions as long as they are of carnal nature, but in the sufferings which curb our egocentrism. This is why we are not great in the kingdom of heaven.

This one is the kingdom firstly of the Spirit, and below the spirit which are the Masters of our carnal feelings. Jesus spoke of this about Jean-Baptist, in (Luke 7-26/28) But what did you go out to see? a prophet? Yes, I say to you, and more than a prophet. This is he of whom it has been said, See, I send my servant before your face, who will make ready your way before you.

I say to you, Among all the sons of women, not one is greater than John: but he who is least in the kingdom of God is greater than he.//

There is nothing surprising that our nature is of a level lower than any part of the kingdom of heaven, and at any even fallen angel, since we live still today, under the domination of the prince of this world initially called Lucifer, then after the "fall" Satan or devil.

For us to assure some, let us read what Satan affirmed to have authority on the world, at the time of the temptation of Jesus,: (Luke 4-6) And the Evil One said, I will give you authority over all these, and the glory of them, for it has been given to me, and I give it to anyone at my pleasure.//

The answer of Jesus to this assertion of the devil, was not "back of me Satan, you are only one liar".

If Satan is the Master of the kingdoms of this world; as regards the life, what it is about however? (Job 1-12) And the Lord said to the Satan, See, I give all he has into your hands, only do not put a finger on the man himself. And the Satan went out from before the Lord.// (Job 2-2/6) And the Lord said to the Satan, Where do you come from? And the Satan said in answer, From wandering this way and that on the earth, and walking about on it.

And the Lord said to the Satan, Have you taken note of my servant Job, for there is no one like him on the earth, a man without sin and upright, fearing God and keeping himself far from evil? and he still keeps his righteousness, though you have been moving me to send destruction on him without cause.

And the Satan said in answer to the Lord, Skin for skin, all a man has he will give for his life. But now, if you only put your hand on his bone and his flesh, he will certainly be cursing you to your face.

And the Lord said to the Satan, See, he is in your hands, only do not take his life.//

God is God of the life, of the supreme one. Nothing can thus be pleasant for Him than life that Himself gives and by addition, wants to give us in abundance. When Jesus spoke about Satan, He was not opposed to his statements, but named him on the contrary as a prince. A prince certainly judged and due to disappear from our logic, because that he was and he is still for us through his inferior limits: (John 12/31) Now is the judgment of this world: now shall the prince of this world be cast out.//

His judgment has been accomplished since two thousand years through "suffering Messiah" Who undergoes the crucifixion because the plot of people too attached to their own religious and carnal values, when on the cross, Jesus pronounced these words "All is accomplished". The execution of the verdict is however pushed back until His Return as "Messiah Reigning" instead of Satan, so that a majority of the inhabitant of the Earth is born of the spirit in them. We thus do not speak here about the resurrection of deaths, but well of the one of the "living", which is the same thing.

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