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As long as money will remain in the man's heart the first success criterion, it will erase all common sense than God can give, and will lead like it makes today to antagonisms between individuals and between nations, but  in contrast with God offers us, will lead us also to the destruction of our heart and furthermore  to that of our planet. All our past and present calamities are due to this rivalry  by which the man justifies his notoriety towards the others for better imposing himself and to be recognized sometimes of only one person, his mother or... In this one, the Jesus’ picture did not come yet to replace his carnal nature, and the common sense richer than all the richness of the world did not come yet to replace the money, poorer than all miseries of the world. God calculates the man’s riches contrary to us and this is why his justice is right, but our eyes are veiled by the values from which our soul get its references.

As long as the rivalry is in the man, it chokes its common sense, because it is born from hatreds which can appear quite puerile many years after certain circumstances of the life came to replace the first motivations. If the man isn't victorious of this rivalry in the repentance and the practical refusal to perpetrate it, it will produce in him, which Satan will use so that he is powerless to do the good he would like to make, but he is able to make the evil which he wouldn't like to make.

And the rivalry isn't the only mistake of the man!  

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