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Continuation of the chapter 6

The Fruits of peace

5) Simply religious sincerity

At the opposite of this happy and balanced spiritual attitude subjected to repentance and the transformation of ourselves by the God three times Holy, Father, Son and Holy Spirit that we follow by faith, that of simply agree with just rules, in the same way that we can take sides for a person or human realities, without going until victory against the carnal spirit in us, produces the opposite result in our soul.

If we can speak of simply religious sincerity, it is because this attitude does not produce a rewriting of the soul in the logic of the Spirit of God, but generates the adoption by our carnal soul of additional rules to those already existing. The word "religious" does not become pejorative, because it justifies on the contrary a great willingness from the part of the subject in question, to put himself under the observance of these new rules in order to be pleasing to God.

Nobody really escapes this kind of attitude, and we could almost say that this behavior is inevitable before reaching the renewal that we have just seen before, which is why we must always remain moderate in our remarks towards this attitude. It goes without saying that if it is practically impossible for us to avoid such a transition stage, during this period, we must remain vigilant not to enter into any condemnation of anyone who does not act in our image of the "good".

The trap that is then offered to us is indeed to act in an authoritarian constraint of the respect of the word of God already on ourselves to oblige us to respect, often at all costs, the image that we consider good, whereas it was born in us from our collective memory.

The problem is that this carnal image has been built and has been conveyed over the centuries by sincere people but who, having acted driven by their carnal register, have often become very eloquent and often convincing because of their desire to surpass their own fears, and it is from their allegations that we draw the image of the good actions that we must multiply to be pleasing to God according to the word of God. The problem arises from the fact that instead of observing the result in us, we are working to remake the world in the image of our carnal dimension in order to fulfill the objective, believing that we are already transformed because possibly bearer of the Holy Spirit. As if we did not need for ourselves transformations, since our understanding and carnal construction are already balanced according to God, by the rules to which we have always more or less proved right.

We are then trapped by an authoritarian perseverance both on ourselves and on others, who must then more and more resemble us to receive our approval. This attitude, however, gradually leads us to reject the errors of our spontaneous reactions to those who have generated the circumstances of our sins. As long as in the presence of these people (or circumstances of life) we can be winners of what we consider evil, the perpetrator of the conflicting events in relation to our understanding remains someone acceptable to us from whom we must to be suspicious of more and more, but to become a Satanic rascal, from whom we must protect ourselves at all costs, if, in his presence, we ourselves have fallen into a bad reaction, or if we consider that he is trying to drag us into it. We then hold these circumstances or that person for responsible from all that has caused us to react badly beyond our limits, and those we are preaching otherwise, in order to look at us pure and honest in the condemnations that we carry against him, without to repent, nor on our part, of errors in these circumstances, nor even of the condemnation which we know not to have the right to carry against him.

We are not worse than others when we fall into this carnal attitude. We are simply trapped by the enemy of our souls to remain in an inferior spiritual dimension of the flesh, making it even grow to the point of sometimes justifying more and more extremist solutions to protect us. It is then that to remedy the temptation of evil, some isolate themselves from the rest of the world by four walls of stones, in order to preserve their souls from "perdition". Others, confronted with the need to live in our society, lay walls of slanders, disdain, hypocrisy or other carnal spirits as a barrier to their temptations.

It result of this, some infirm people, the lame, the spiritual blind, and, as a direct consequence, some nagging people, demanding, and full of condemnations. These people increase the size of their flesh by this attitude, to better silence their lusts. In order not to reproduce what they consider to be "sin", they remove it from their eyes and from the look that others might have on them. These are, of course, these "unfortunates" that we will most often be heard accusing others, "source for them of sin" and putting forward the name of God. They will participate in their turn to perpetrate the carnal image of the word of God and God Himself to which they have given reason, from the collective memory that Satan has generated over the centuries.

This dimension is only the deceptive appearance of the enemy. The first deceived, and therefore the most to be pitied, are those who act thus, for they cut themselves off from a possible victory, as we have just seen in the preceding paragraph. They compare their souls with the word of God, even with what the Holy Spirit shows them so that they ask for forgiveness, but led by an analysis of which their mind remains master, they act in the opposite hide it, cover it, bury it in the deepest of their souls, behind ramparts of stones or condemnations.

The resulting spiritual action is the same as that of humanly chasing a carnal spirit without replacing it with the Holy Spirit and of which Jesus describes the result in (Matthew 12-43/45) But when the unclean spirit has gone out of the man, he goes through dry places, seeking rest, and does not find [it].

Then he says, I will return to my house whence I came out; and having come, he finds [it] unoccupied, swept, and adorned.

Then he goes and takes with himself seven other spirits worse than himself, and entering in, they dwell there; and the last condition of that man becomes worse than the first. Thus shall it be to this wicked generation also.//

It is so for those who, rather than repent of a bad reaction, reject their fault on the other, as being themselves above such behaviors, but whose lack of repentance does not allow the Holy Spirit to take the place of the carnal spirit. This attitude that makes them change others rather than change themselves, leads them unfortunately to become more dependent every day on the enemy of our souls by the return of more evil carnal spirits, until sometimes falling into fanaticism and religious fundamentalism.

Religiosity is unfortunately in the initial construction of each one, since we are all descendants of Adam and Eve. Moreover, it is not necessary for us to perform an act for sin, because to justify the covetousness of it in our hearts is sometimes worse in the eyes of God, because lived then hypocritically. Some are fully aware of it, others a little less, and some not at all; but on the pretext that some are deceiving themselves and sometimes abusing others, that would they make them holy?

If we wanted to play with words a little bit in French, it would more often make them "As-à-Saints"1 because they always criticize what they are able to "sin without doing", unlike their murdered victims who are sometimes able to "do without sin". In the eyes of those who follow them, they remain the "Aces" that must become to be pleasing to God, while for the majority of them, the main hobby-horse remains sexuality, as if to better flagellate their own desires of lust.

1) As for saint: Pronounced quickly means assassin, pronounced word for word means an ace for the saints, the Christians.

In a general way, they do what Jesus denounces in (Matthew 23-1/4) Then spoke Jesus to the multitude, and to his disciples, Saying, The scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses' seat: All therefore whatsoever they bid you observe, that observe and do; but do not ye after their works: for they say, and do not. For they bind heavy burdens and grievous to be borne, and lay them on men's shoulders; but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers.//

Many unfortunately draw their references from the image of God through these people, because they are the main accusers of any balance that God wants to give. They are always the slanderers who make fear prevail and never the advocates of others as Jesus asks it. They then use the word of God for the benefit of their condemnation, but as paradoxical as it may seem at first sight, they announce the truth, however, since they condemn men to not already possess the "results" that God wants to gradually put in each of us for the day of His return, starting with them.

It is useful to realize that the spiritual field is all that is real, even if we do not see it. Any reason not in conformity with the Spirit of God necessarily leads to a carnal trap which will snap shut sooner or later on its author.

It is the fruit of this mechanism in people not worse than others, associated with that of Judah Iscariot, who nevertheless produced the crucifixion of Jesus (see page diagram: shared heart).

We must remain very clear however, even if some Christian teachings may possibly generate more easily than others such attitudes, the problem remains individual. The personal behavior of each one will have, it is true, an effect on the group mind, since the "soul" of the group is constructed in the image of the individual soul, but every Christian is responsible for his own acts before God. No one will be able to say on arriving before the LORD "yes, but so-and-so said ...". This is what we are agreeing with today that will make us what we will be tomorrow, whether the day Jesus comes back or He will take us by His side. He said it, that which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is Spirit.

Above all, we must not condemn anyone who has fallen into this trap of increasing the flesh to the detriment of the revival of the Spirit for many years, because it is undoubtedly in this increase that the sincere person will be able to take awareness of the phase difference that exists today between his desire to advance in the will of God and the result that he can himself see in him. Our motivation must be to release each one from his mistakes, even if not yet repented, and not to condemn him because of his behaviors which are certainly reprehensible and cut him off from the Divine Grace. In the parts of ourselves not yet renewed by the Spirit of God, we are all part of these unfortunates for the sole reason sometimes not to be condemned by those around us.

We must be objective and not spread into conjecture. If we can not go another way than to agree intellectually to the rules of God right, before our spirit is renewed by the Lord Himself, through the fight we have to lead by faith against the carnal spirit on which all our understanding and reactions were built, the important thing is to know how to emerge victorious as we have examined in the previous paragraph.

In order not to offend anyone, we will say that for a greater or lesser part of all those who are sincere before God and try to lead the good fight of the faith, no doubt have we passed for a certain percentage of our reconstruction of the Spirit by the good path of the preceding paragraph, while for the remaining part, which is often the most important, we have remained in a similar error to that described in this paragraph. This is why we must ask God to open our eyes to such actions from our part, because if no one is exempt from this path, each of us will be held liable for his not repented sins, especially if God has made available to us in Christ Jesus the baptism of the Holy Spirit to make us victorious to the point of generating His Return. If we are sincere and ready to seeing what God can show us, we do not risk God does not answer us back to such sincere prayers. If we see ourselves reacting so sometimes, it is also the proof that we must still and always let ourselves be led by the Holy Spirit to become aware of these little things remaining. Our balance in his presence is at this price!

That is why we will now turn our eyes more objectively and try to become aware of certain collective errors, whether it is in the excesses of rigor or in mind warp toward philosophies and excesses of all kinds. Beyond our defects related to our human nature, however, we will try to highlight what the people of God can bring good in the awareness of everyone to find his true balance in God through Jesus Christ his beloved Son who wants to grow our own personality, while allowing His nature of Love to be reflected.

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